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*"Dr. Russell is great!!! My husband and I are both active personal trainers and our daughter is student athlete. Dr. Russell keeps us all healthy and operating at a high levels of activity and weight training despite the injuries we have. Since going to Dr. Russell regularly his chiropractic care has prevented us both from major surgeries (my husband shoulder surgery and myself a double spinal fusion.) We highly recommend Dr. Russell to everyone!!!! Thank you Dr. Russell for your through, attentive care!"
Cheryl L.

*"This is the only man I will let adjust me. He always knows the exact issue I am having and usually can tell me what activity I have been doing that causes the issue. I typically make a 30 to 40 min drive to see him. It is always worth the drive."
Dylan H.

*"The layout of this office is simple, yet affective. I was in the Marines for 10 years and have a lot of issues stemming from my time in service. I have yet to meet a chiropractor with the knowledge that Ryan has, I can't express how much he has helped me to get to just functional let alone where I can actually live comfortably. As far as chiropractic services goes I wouldn't go anywhere else, he's the by far the best. Thank you for everything you have done, and going above and beyond what you actually have to. I am forever thankful for the help you have given me."
Curtis M.

*"Dr. Russell identified a severe back issue in my wife. Under his care she was able to avoid a risky surgery. My daughter was rear ended. Dr. Russell treated her immediately and really sped up her recovery process. I am an avid weight lifter. By keeping my adjustments regular, 2 times a month, I don't miss a beat in the gym. It has also helped all of my injuries I have accrued over all the years of lifting."
Stephen L.

*"Dr. Russell always helps me feel better. He is professional, straightforward, and honest, which I truly appreciate. I can't count how many times he realigned me after riding horses, running marathons, and any other crazy activities. He is an amazing doctor I would highly recommend."
Tara E.

*"I have been to over 20 different chiropractic offices in my lifetime and I am only 30. Dr. Russell worked with me through physical therapy exercises, not just adjustments. He spends time with each client and understands thier goals and explains how we will get there. He goes the extra mile to get you to a place of recovery and freedom in your spinal alignment. I believe he is the best in the state!!"
Raquel W.

*"Great approach to healing. Went in for a left shoulder injury from overuse/exercise. We found that my alignment was the cause and started treatment of both the injury and the cause. Also, great variety of care: Graston, Cupping, dry needling, as well as typical muscle release and chiropractic approaches. Great facility, clean and good equipment used for care. Very much recommended!"
Josh L.

*"Dr. Russell is absolutely amazing! He is a true professional with your optimal wellness as his Goal! He makes you feel comfortable and you will always leave his office feeling better!!"
Alisha F.

*"I suffered from consistent headaches, neck and lower back pain for years. After my chiropractic care, I haven't had any consistent pain and I haven't had any headaches. The facility is very nice and all of the employees are genuinely kind and friendly. Ryan is also great about explaining why certain things are important."
Ian E.

*"Best chiropractor I've ever had. He works hard to actually find and fix the root of the problems and rather than just providing a temporary fix to cover the symptoms like other places I have been. I recommend him to literally everyone."
Kaylen B.

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