How to sleep with upper back pain?

Nothing will disturb a good night’s sleep more completely than upper back pain. If you don’t believe that, try finding a comfortable sleeping position when simply moving in the wrong direction causes you excruciating pain. It’s a very difficult thing for anyone to manage.

Depending on the location and the extent of your pain, there are things you can do to help you sleep better despite upper back pain issues. Before we discuss treatment of back pain, here are five things you can try to help you sleep in the meantime.

  • Get a new mattress – Your pain issues may have something to do with poor support for your back while you are sleeping. It might be time to try a new mattress
  • Find a reliable comfortable sleeping position – While this one might seem obvious, it’s a difficult thing to do with back pain. You might want to try to play around with pillows around your neck and legs to find comfort and support.
  • Getting In and Out of Bed – If you are getting into bed, do so carefully as to not exacerbate existing pain issues. The same thing would apply to getting out of bed in the middle of the night.
  • Core Exercises – During the day, you should be doing exercises to strengthen your core. With better support from your body frame, it might lessen your pain issues and help you sleep better.
  • Stretching – Before getting into bed, you might want to try some gentle body stretches to help your body relax.

You can give any and all of these things a try. In the meantime, you need to think about getting treatment for your back issues. Giving the progressive nature of back and neck problems, you should be looking for solutions before things start getting worse.

Getting Treatment for Upper Back Pain

Chronic back pain is not something you want to try to live with because it will eventually diminish the quality of your life. Now is the time to start addressing your back pain issues before things start getting worse. At all costs, you want to do everything you can to avoid surgery. While surgery might resolve one back pain issue, you might discover it will cause a host of other back/neck issues. You might end up trading one problem for another. A far better idea is to seek less invasive solutions, leaving surgery as a last resort. You can always try things like physical therapy or holistic treatment options.

A physical therapist would look at your situation and develop a therapeutic program that would target strengthening certain parts of your body. With a holistic approach, you could always try yoga, massage therapy, and even acupuncture as a means for giving you lasting relief from your pain. If you could better manage your pain, you might be able to live with it. Since trying to live with pain is a difficult thing to do, you might want to visit a chiropractor. In our facility, we deal with patients who just want a good night’s sleep without having to endure pain.

They come to us for bone adjustments that will fix back issues and serve as long-term pain solutions. When a patient first comes to see us, we start by getting images of their back and neck areas. This is necessary so we can determine if there is any serious structural damage that needs to be addressed. If everything looks good enough to proceed, we can begin a series of manual adjustments to the spine. At all times, we are very careful to target the right areas. It doesn’t matter if the issue is muscle or bone-related, we should be able to make adjustments that will fix the existing problem.

Pain relief might not come right away, but you would likely start seeing results within the first few sessions. With chiropractic adjustments and following some of the aforementioned tips, you should be able to address your upper back pain issues without needing surgery.

Since there are a lot of misconceptions about what chiropractors do, we would like to invite you to give our office a call at 205-637-1363. We would be happy to answer all of your questions with the target of you making an appointment for treatment. Once you come in for treatments, we will work with you over the first few appointments to get you the pain relief you need.

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