What Happens At A Chiropractor In Birmingham Alabama?

Few issues prove more challenging than physical pain and associated disability. Fortunately, however, various medical professionals might help individuals overcome such discomfort and recapture active and productive lives. One specific healthcare provider is specifically known as a chiropractor.

Chiropractic Overview

Chiropractors are specially trained medical professionals treating issues involving the musculoskeletal system. This bodily network contains features including:

  • Bones
  • Muscles
  • Nerves
  • Soft tissues like ligaments and tendons

Additionally, chiropractic treatment is unique in that practitioners strive to achieve healing through the use of the body’s natural healing capacity. Therefore, instead of more traditional therapies like medications, chiropractors focus on body-improvement techniques including nutrition and exercise as a means of addressing certain physical injuries or ailments.

What Happens When Visiting A Chiropractor?

Typically, one’s initial visit to said healthcare provider is divided into several stages such as the patient history, examination, diagnostic study, and formal diagnosis.

Patient History

During the first phase, a chiropractor will review the patient’s medical history. Said medical expert might ask questions including:

  • When did the patient’s pain begin?
  • What is the patient’s professional and recreational background
  • Do any activities worsen the associated discomfort
  • What does the pain feel like
  • How intense is said feeling
  • Did the pain start following some type of physical injury or accident

Additionally, patients may be asked to reveal their family history of illnesses and injuries, disclose any pre-existing medical concerns, and provide information regarding treatments they may currently be undergoing.

Physical Examination

Following completion of the initial phase, the patient will receive a thorough chiropractic examination. The individual in question should expect to have common measurements such as blood pressure, respiration, and pulse rate recorded.

That said, chiropractors will also perform assessments designed to gauge how well and far one can move or stretch their injured or ailing body part, muscle tone and strength, reflex response, and neurological capacity.

In certain instances, such evaluations can be completed by observing the patient performing various simple exercises. However, in other cases, the patient might be asked to execute more complex movements.

Diagnostic Tests

Occasionally, the patient might need to undergo diagnostic efforts used to confirm or rule out specific injuries or illnesses. One specific initiative is an X-Ray. These internal imaging scans might help chiropractic professionals identify issues such as spinal deterioration and bone fractures.


Once all tests and evaluations are finished, the examining chiropractor renders a diagnosis. The first issue requiring resolution is the determination of whether the underlying problem will benefit from chiropractic care. Specific maladies and wounds might require other forms of treatment provided by other medical specialists.

However, if the precipitating problem can benefit from chiropractic care, the examining doctor will put forth a recommended treatment plan. This outline will often contain pertinent information including the specific therapeutic protocol, how long the therapy will last, and a schedule disclosing when, where, and how therapy will be administered.

Most reputable and professional chiropractors will place such information in a detailed document that the patient can read over, memorize, and make inquiries about should the need arise.

Subsequent Visits

On future visits, the chiropractic professional will administer the appropriate treatment and track the progress of said therapy. If circumstances warrant, said healthcare provider might adjust such treatments or schedules.

Types Of Treatments Chiropractors Perform

The treatment chosen for a given patient will hinge on numerous critical factors such as the subject in question’s age, weight, general health, current physical condition, fitness goals, the underlying physical or medical problem, and said concern’s severity.

That said, common treatment methods chiropractors often employ include stretching exercises, spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, electric nerve stimulation, nutritional counseling, or offering suggestions regarding lifestyle modifications such as losing weight, not smoking, obtaining more exercise, identifying productive stress-releasing methods, ending one’s reliance on medications, and practicing good posture.

Choosing The Right Chiropractor

Chiropractic care could play a critical role in helping one overcome pain and mobility issues. Therefore, choosing the right professional to work with is a paramount undertaking.

Before rendering this important decision, prospective patients are urged to obtain referrals, review the doctor in question’s credentials, read patient reviews, and observe their communication style paying close mind to how quickly and effectively they respond to inquiries and concerns.

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