Is There a Top Alabama Chiropractor Specializing in Disc Protrusion?

Chiropractors provide treatment for a variety of issues. Finding the right type of chiropractor for structural correction and disc protrusion is critical when receiving quality care. In the Birmingham area of Alabama, specialized chiropractic services are available.

What Is Structural Dysfunction?

Structural dysfunction is associated with spinal healing. To better understand if the spine is having structural issues, a posture evaluation can be done to detect shifts in the spine. These shifts can cause inflammation and even a lack of mobility. If a structural shift is corrected, the spine can properly function.

The spine can function as the main support for nerve pathways. If the spine is misaligned, organs may not be able to perform as well as possible. Structural shifts can be mild or severe depending on the individual. Using an experienced chiropractor can help relieve inflammation and pain associated with issues of the spine.

What Causes Structural Dysfunction?

Shifts in the spinal structure can occur for many reasons. Auto accidents are one major cause for structural damage and dysfunction. Even those who have experienced an auto accident and do not feel immediate pain may have had shifts in their spinal alignment. For this reason, many people see a doctor directly after an auto accident in case there are injuries not readily detected. These types of accidents can cause significant pain and even long-term structural issues if it is not properly treated.

Nonsurgical Treatments

Chiropractors can help with a number of spinal issues including scoliosis treatment and whiplash.

For a reduction in pain, chiropractors in Alabama can help. By using a trained chiropractor with experience, the spine can be adjusted by having individual vertebra manually manipulated. This type of holistic practice is scientific and nonsurgical. For those with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, chiropractors can be used for several types of conditions.

Repetitive injuries can also cause spinal misalignment. These can be caused by sports injuries where one part of the body is being used over and over again. Lifting heavy weight can cause further physical trauma depending on muscle tone and positioning.

Regardless of the cause for spinal misalignment, the side effects can be extremely painful. Inflammation can cause chronic pain while pinched nerves can cause a sharp and sudden pain. Structural shifts of the spine have been known to cause muscle spasms as well as the interference of nerves.

What About Disc Protrusion?

Disc protrusion is a condition that happens when certain discs of the spine bulge from pressure. This type of protrusion can be particularly painful because the spine is so central to movement. A bulging disc is frequently common during the aging process, but can occur at any age.

Those who work in physical labor jobs or athletes are especially prone to disc protrusion earlier in life. Chronic dehydration or malnutrition can also lead to spinal dysfunction. Genetics, repetitive muscle movement and age can all play a role in developing painful disc protrusion of the spine.

Symptoms of disc protrusion include:

  • inflammation of the spine
  • tingling pain in one or both legs
  • pain in the shoulder blade
  • neck pain
  • radiating pain from the fingers and arm

Can A Chiropractor Help With Disc Protrusion?

A professional chiropractic practice can help reduce a patient’s spinal pain while helping them to increase mobility. By focusing on the foundation of the spine, a chiropractor can align nerves and muscle through physical stimulation.

Some people choose to use a chiropractor instead of surgery. Certain techniques such as spinal decompression or stretching rehabilitation can help depending on the type of spinal dysfunction found in the individual.

A professional chiropractor can diagnose the problem through examination. This may include x-rays, posture evaluation or surface electromyography. By using this type of testing, a chiropractor can tell if a patient’s pain is coming from a spinal shift.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is one method of chiropractic treatment that can help take pressure off the nerves. Chiropractic equipment is used to create a suction-type force to reshape the form of the disc.

Spinal decompression is a nonsurgical way to relieve back pain through stretching the spine. By relieving pressure of the nerves, fluids can then easily move. This type of treatment can help back pain, sciatica, neck pain and disc protrusion.

Chiropractors in Alabama

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