Is There Pain Relief For Scoliosis That Doesn’t Involve NSAIDs?

Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine tends to curve to one side, creating a small arc. Pain levels between people who have scoliosis differ from one person to another, depending on age and health conditions. Scoliosis manifestation is not only limited to the back, and you may experience the pain in another body part.At , integrative chiropractic we carry out structural correction treatments, scoliosis treatment, general whiplash, among other services, to improve your quality of life. We are located in Hoover, AL, and our services are tailor-made for people of all ages and gender throughout Birmingham in Alabama.

At our structural correction facility, we aim at treating scoliosis through back pain relief. More often than most, people struggling with scoliosis will turn to medication as an immediate form of pain relief. Unknown to many, there are many other forms of pain relief methods apart from the usual downing on NSAIDs.

Scoliosis-specific exercises

People who carry out regular exercise routines are less likely to suffer from chronic pain from scoliosis. Exercising can, therefore, be said to be among the top solutions for scoliosis management. Regular exercises will leave your body with more muscle mass.

While some people with scoliosis may experience lower mobility ability, regular exercises reduce the body’s rigidity, thus countering this effect. In addition to mobility, exercise will also improve your mental condition, helping you deal with the condition’s psychological aspect.

Despite the advantages of exercising, it is notable that exercising should be done conservatively. Several exercise routines are less intensive, which helps the body heal gradually, such as:

  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Swimming

Chiropractic adjustments

Most people facing scoliosis seek surgical solutions for their arched spines, which is not the best idea. Surgical solutions may correct the spine placement, but it does not guarantee restored normal mobility. On the other hand, chiropractic adjustments reduce tightness and pain and help restore mobility functions.

Chiropractic adjustments rely on the body’s ability to heal itself, which extends to spinal deformities. Through spinal manipulation, muscles that support your spine become more robust, improving your spine’s functionality.

Your chiropractor may also advise on weight management through proper nutrition and exercise to offload unnecessary stress from your spine. Adequate nutrition and exercising are pivotal in alleviating pain from scoliosis.

Heat therapy

Apart from back pain, scoliosis may cause painful muscle spasms. For centuries, heat therapy has proven to be an ideal solution for pain relief emanating from the muscles. Put a heat pad on the affected area and dab the heat pad for about 20 minutes. Remember to wrap the heat pad in a towel to prevent burning your skin. Should you feel minimal or no change, consider alternating the remedy with an ice pack.

Similarly, wrap the ice pack in a towel and place it on the ailing region. Let it sit for about 20 minutes. You should feel some pain alleviation. As an alternative to using a heat pad, you could take a hot bath while focusing on the pain region.


Another pain relief treatment believed to alleviate pain after a few sessions is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a traditional pain relief method that eases back pain by inserting needles into the affected areas. In conjunction with other treatments such as chiropractic care, proper nutrition, and physiotherapy, patients confirm that you can benefit from acupuncture when struggling with scoliosis-related pain. Your doctor will determine the severity of the curvature to see if it’s appropriate for you.

Back braces

Back braces are designed to offer extra support to your spine and prevent further curvature progression on your spine. However, these tools are recommended for children who still have growing bones and can still manipulate the degree of curvature. If you suspect that your child has developing scoliosis, perhaps back braces would be the ideal remedy.


If you’ve managed to contain your back pain from scoliosis until recently, when you lifted a heavy load or perhaps went overboard with the weights at the gym, you might want to take it slow. Take about one hour to rest and relax in a prone or inclined position that supports your neck and lower back. Your chiropractor will guide you on how best to sleep while supporting your natural curve of the spine. Adequate rest should reduce your back pain. However, don’t hibernate as your muscles need to stretch and strengthen over time. Find some balance between rest and proper exercises to alleviate pain.

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