What Are Five Things You Should Know About Adult Scoliosis and Treatment?

Back pain can be a debilitating condition. It can impact not only your physical well-being but your mental and emotional state as well. There are many reasons for an aching back, and one of those reasons is adult scoliosis. Many people don’t understand adult scoliosis and have no idea where to turn for treatment. Below are five things that you should know about adult scoliosis and its treatment.

Fact #1: There Are Two Types of Adult Scoliosis

While many may assume that adult scoliosis is a singular condition, there are two types that can afflict someone. The first type starts during your adolescent years and increases in intensity as you come into adulthood. The second one starts when you are an adult and is often tied in with either spinal degeneration or osteoarthritis. Many people have the condition and experience no symptoms. A majority of people in their 60s have a curve in their spine, so this is not at all uncommon.

Fact #2: Adult Scoliosis Is Not Always Easy to Uncover

Because so many people don’t have symptoms right away, adult scoliosis can go unchecked and untreated for a long time. It is often after the disease has progressed that it can be diagnosed by a general practitioner at a routine visit. While it may be the case that adult scoliosis may not be noticed immediately, it is a good idea to see your doctor if you notice that your shoulders don’t seem symmetrical, you have balance issues, or you have persistent back or leg pain.

Fact #3: You Should Still Exercise if You Are Diagnosed with Adult Scoliosis

For a long time, adult scoliosis patients were told that they shouldn’t be too active. It was thought that an active or high-impact lifestyle would exacerbate symptoms of their condition. Now, it has been shown that the more exercise you get, the less likely you are to experience symptoms of the condition. It has been shown that yoga, Pilates, and other types of cardiovascular exercises can either stave off symptoms or help lessen them. Choosing to be inactive might be one of the worst decisions you can make as obesity can lead to adult scoliosis symptoms getting worse.

Fact #4: Surgery May Not Be Necessary

When it comes to the treatment of adult scoliosis, there are many different options before surgery should be considered. While there may be the will to rush to that choice in an attempt to alleviate the symptoms, it may not always be necessary or the right call for your situation. The truth of the matter is that only a small minority of patients who are diagnosed with adult scoliosis will need surgical intervention. Surgery should only be considered when all other options have failed. Some other treatments that might be considered include anti-inflammatory medications and epidural injections. It is expected that most patients will be able to manage their symptoms without needing to resort to surgery. If surgery does become necessary, you should ask your surgeon how many times they operate on those who have spinal deformities. You want an expert working on your back.

Fact #5: Chiropractic Care Can Be a Great Way to Treat Adult Scoliosis

Patients with adult scoliosis who are looking for treatment options may want to consider trying chiropractic care. A chiropractor may be able to assist you with alleviating your adult scoliosis symptoms and giving you a better quality of life. Some folks who have this condition report that they have shortness of breath, sore back and legs, and muscle spasms. These are all symptoms with which a chiropractor can assist. Some of the ways a chiropractor can assist with adult scoliosis include:

  • Giving patients the ability to breathe deeper
  • Strategies on how to move and rest that will stave off pain or minimize your pain level
  • Helping a patient with exercises to strengthen and support their joints
  • Assisting you with plans for exercising and activities that will keep you active so you can decrease, and not increase, your pain level

Let’s Get Started

Adult scoliosis doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks. While it can be a serious condition, you have the power to help lessen your symptoms and the control it has on your life. At Integrative Chiropractic Center, located at 1580 Montgomery Highway # 14 in Hoover, AL, we have assisted many patients in the Birmingham, AL area stave off the impacts of adult scoliosis. Set up an appointment today by calling us at 205-637-1363, and let us help you start down the path of feeling better.

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