What can I do if my back hurts after running?

Many people struggle with aches and pains after they run, so it comes as no surprise that some people will have back pains. If you notice that your back hurts after you run, then you may wonder how you can treat it. If you want to know how to treat your back after running, then check out the tips listed below.

Take a Break

Sometimes, we push our bodies too hard which can cause us to feel pain. Pain happens because our bodies want us to understand when something is wrong, so you may need to take a break. For example, you might push yourself too hard when you run, which could injury your back and cause issues. First, you should try and take a break for a few days. This gives your body the chance to recover from any injuries or sores. After it feels better, start by running a shorter distance or with less intensity. This way, you can keep your back in good shape and avoid causing yourself unnecessary injuries.

Lie Down

If you begin to feel back pain after your run, then you should spend some time lying down. Keep in mind that you should lie down on your stomach if you do this so that you don’t put more pressure on your back. This should give you the opportunity to avoid putting unnecessary stress on you back and allow you to relax. You could lie down on your back, but this might put some unwanted pressure on it, so you might be better off lying on your back or side. Try and find a couch or a bed to lie on so that you can be comfortable and watch TV as you rest your back. This way, you can give yourself the time that you need to properly recover.

Go to a Chiropractor

Keep in mind that some back injuries require professional help. If your back pains continue to occur or become worse, then you should schedule an appointment with a chiropractor. This way, they can look into your situation and work with you so that you can begin the recovery process.

How Chiropractors Can Help

Chiropractors can help you with their services and advice, as shown in the following list.

  • Identify the cause of your back pain and how it relates to running.
  • Make adjustments to your spine and back to help you.
  • Provide advice on how to avoid back injuries or problems when running.

If you keep having back problems, then you should consider seeing a chiropractor so that they can help you out by discovering the cause of the pain.

Try and Ice It

Sometimes, you need to treat your back with care by using some ice. Get a plastic bag and put some ice in it. Afterwards, you can wrap the bag in a cloth or towel and place it on the area where it hurts. This should help you to feel some relief in that area, allowing you to properly rest and reduce the pain. Even if you don’t have ice available, you can look into other alternatives. For example, you could take a water bottle and freeze it for the same effect. This also works with frozen vegetables if you have any in the freezer. You should wrap whatever you use in a towel or cloth to avoid harming yourself with direct contact to the cold.

Seek out a Massage

If you need further relief for your back pain, you could look into getting a light massage. For example, you could ask someone that you know, and feel comfortable with, to massage the sore areas of your back. This way, they can do so to try and relieve some tension in your back muscles. If you want to get a more effective massage, then make sure that you hire a professional. This way, he or she can massage your back in a way that will help without injuring you. Make sure to explain your situation before you go in so that the professional can give you the best massage based on what you need.


If you consistently get back pain when you go running, then you should seek out some assistance. This way, you can address any potential back problems that you have while maintaining your health. If you want a chiropractor, then we can help: call now at 205-637-1363.

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