Can a Chiropractor for Athletes Help Me Make the Right Lifestyle Changes for My Health?

The busy lives we all lead in the 21st-century can make it difficult for everyone to remain as fit and healthy as we would like without the aid of skilled professionals. Athletic performance can be assessed in many different ways, including the time it takes us to recover and get back to training or playing games. Whether a professional athlete or an individual dedicated to staying fit and healthy throughout your life, chiropractic care is a great option to undertake. The benefits of chiropractic care are easy to see because of the wealth of evidence it has helped most athletes from cyclists to football players to golfers perform to a higher standard.

When you are looking for help with your athletic performance one of the first calls that should be made is to a chiropractor who can usually help you return to play faster and with more energy. To achieve this amazing feat a chiropractor will use their skills to adjust the spine and joints of their patient to make sure the messages that pass through the central nervous system to help each person achieve success.

Chiropractic care for athletes has been popular since the first half of the 20th-century with their use becoming more commonplace in the latter half of the century. In the last decade, there are numerous athletes who have taken advantage of the skills of a chiropractor, including:

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins, the cyclist with numerous Olympic medals and the winner of the Tour de France
  • Usain Bolt, legendary Jamaican sprinter
  • Tiger Woods, multi major-winning golfer

Making the Correct Lifestyle Choices

For most athletes, the issues they face are not about their dedication to their sport or training but focus on the lives they live away from their sport. To become a high-performance athlete certain choices need to be made that will allow you to perform to your best day after day. These include attending the chiropractor regularly to make sure the vertebrae are aligned correctly and any injuries are assisted by the use of regular adjustments.

A chiropractor can assist the performance of an athlete in a range of other ways by helping you to make the correct lifestyle choices. One of the ways this can take place for you and the estimated 90 percent of all professional athletes who choose chiropractic care is by bringing them into contact with other treatment professionals. A chiropractor will often work alongside a massage therapist who can play a key role in assisting an athlete with keeping their injuries and aching joints to a minimum as they move blood around the body faster. Chiropractors are often linked to other therapists and medical professionals, such as acupuncturists who can handle everyday care and the treatment of injuries.

The fact a chiropractor has a complete understanding of the workings of your central nervous system means they can use these skills to assist you in making the right choices for your body. Diet and the level of exercise being undertaken by an athlete are often difficult to balance with an increased level of training often leading to more calories being consumed. A chiropractor can help with making nutritional choices that can improve performance and make a big difference in your weight gain or loss depending on your needs.

One area that is becoming more popular with athletes and athletic clubs is the research that is ongoing into the effects of sleep on performance. This area of research has become so popular that many of the top European soccer clubs are employing sleep specialists to make sure their players get the right amount and quality of sleep each night. Lifestyle changes like this can be helped by a chiropractor who can increase the flow of blood and electrical impulses around the body to limit aches and pains. A better night’s sleep is available with the help of a chiropractor who will help you perform better at every practice or game.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend player of your favorite sport, stress can play havoc with your performance at any given time. By limiting the stress you feel by attending a chiropractor regularly you can learn strategies for handling your stress levels and achieving a sense of well-being. A reduction in stress will help an athlete improve various aspects of their life, including:

  • A better diet
  • Lower levels of substance abuse
  • Better sleep
  • A more focused outlook

If you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle and improve your athletic performance you can call 205-637-1363 to learn more and schedule your appointment with our chiropractor.

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