Can You See a Chiropractor for Disc Protrusion to Reduce Compression of the Nerves?

If you suffer from disc protrusion, you know how debilitating it can be. It can affect your mobility and flexibility, keeping you from doing the things you love. In many cases, it may have an impact on your ability to work. Chronic back pain can even make it difficult to have a good quality of life. Disc protrusion, often referred to as disc herniation, occurs when the soft center in your spinal discs is pushed outside the disc. The soft interior of a the disc is often referred to as a jelly. Once it is forced out of the disc and puts pressure on your nerves, you can be in a world of hurting. A chiropractor has a repertoire of knowledge, equipment, and techniques intended to give you relief.

How Can Disc Protrusion Affect You?

Many people will say that living with severe back pain is not living at all. You may have felt fine for years only to wake up one morning in serious pain. If you are like most, it is more likely that you have had a mild ache that progresses.

Chronic pain is common as well. If your pain is caused by compression of your nerves, you may experience:

  • Severe muscle spasms in your back
  • Sciatic pain that runs down your leg
  • Tingling or numbness in your legs
  • Changes in the way your bowels or bladder function
  • Pain that won’t go away no matter what you try

You need to turn to a medical professional for a disc protrusion solution.

Pain Medication isn’t the Answer

In most cases, a primary care physician is first to get to the bottom of your back pain. The most common approach to deal with the problem is to begin with pain relief medication. While prescription-strength pain relievers may help you to ease your pain, it will not eliminate numbness. Pain medication won’t fix problems with your bowel and bladder functions. The main thing pain prescriptions will do is mask your symptoms. You also are at an increased risk of developing dependency on your prescriptions. You have other options.

You Don’t Have to Go to Extremes

Your doctor may advise surgery as the next step in treating a disc protrusion. If your symptoms are severe, this may be the first recommendation. The surgical solution involves removing part of or all of your problematic disc. Not only is this an invasive treatment alternative, it is going to alter your spine forever. You will have to undergo the recovery period and physical therapy. In some cases, you may need additional surgery in the future. If you hope to keep your spine in one piece, consider other treatment options.

Take a Therapeutic Approach with Your Chiropractor

A chiropractor looks for techniques that will strengthen your muscles, retrain your brain when it comes to how you position your body, and relieve pressure on the spine. When you work with a medical expert who has an extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, amazing changes can happen. Take advantage of a selection of therapies, such as:

  • The wobble chair to relieve pain , improve flexibility, and take the pressure of compressed nerves
  • Vibration traction to improve disc protrusion
  • Repetitive cervical traction
  • The Leander flexion distraction table

Your treatment plan may focus on the use of one type of therapy or a combination approach may be advised. It will all depend on your specific needs and response to treatment.

Enjoy a Hands-On Approach for Disc Protrusion

Equipment and technology are only one component of chiropractic treatment for disc protrusion. Your chiropractor will take a hands-on approach to gently adjust the position of your spine. The goal is to bring everything into proper alignment. With regular treatment, the pressure will be take off of your disc. This will also effectively eliminate pressure on your spinal nerves.

You will also be encouraged to perform exercises regularly at home that will boost your strength, enhance your flexibility, and improve your posture. The end goal is to ease your pain. With a customized treatment plan, you may be able to get away from pain medication. More importantly, you could avoid going under the surgeon’s scalpel.

Let Us Help You to Find Answers for Disc Protrusion and Compressed Nerves

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