How Can Scoliosis Pain Affect Your Day-To-Day Life?

The spine is a delicate organ. This is why the vertebrae house the spinal cord to protect it from mechanical damage. The spinal cord controls many body functions and enables you to carry out your day-to-day activities. It sends signals from the brain to other organs and sends signals from other organs to the brain. Therefore, it controls body functions by acting as a line of communication. As such, any damage to the spine can lead to issues like paralysis or chronic pain. The damage ends up hindering your ability to carry out daily activities.

In a normal human body, the spine should be straight. However, in some people, the physiology of the spine can be different. Some conditions affecting the physiology of the spine include scoliosis, kyphosis, ankylosing spondylitis, et cetera. Scoliosis and kyphosis are conditions in which the spine curves abnormally instead of being straight. On the other hand, ankylosing spondylitis is a term used to describe arthritis of the spine. In scoliosis, the spine curves sideways, while in kyphosis it curves outwards.


As mentioned above, in scoliosis, the spine curves sideways. You can tell that a person has scoliosis from their posture. When you have a straight spine, you will have a straight posture. However, with scoliosis, your posture will lean towards the side of the curvature. Scoliosis can either appear at birth due to congenital defects or as you grow. When it appears years after birth, it happens before puberty. It can worsen as you grow if you do not seek treatment. It is also seen in about 3% of adults.

The condition is genetic, which means that it runs in the family. Therefore, genes are the most common risk factor for the condition. Other risk factors include age and the sex of the baby. Girls are more susceptible to scoliosis compared to boys. Although the cause of the condition is still unknown, there are some several known causes. Neuromuscular diseases cerebral palsy can also cause the condition. Spinal infections or injuries can also cause the condition.

Symptoms of the condition include uneven shoulders with one appearing more prominent and an uneven waistline with one hip raised. The symptoms become more evident as scoliosis worsens. Pain is a common symptom for adult-onset scoliosis. The pain is due to pressures that your spinal discs apply to the nerves. However, pain can also be due to the severity of the condition. The more the spine curves, the more it irritates and puts pressure on the spinal discs along the curvature, and the more likely you will experience pain. When severe, it can reduce the chest cavity hindering proper functioning of the lungs.

How can scoliosis pain affect your day-to-day life?

Scoliosis pain affects the lives of people with scoliosis differently. The more severe your scoliosis, the more your daily activities are affected. Severe pain can be disabling, causing little to no mobility. The pain generally reduces your mobility and ability to lift objects and exercise. For athletes, they will need to take time off their profession because it lowers athletic ability. You may also need a forceful break from work if your work involves lifting objects. This is because these activities can worsen the pain. You should limit the things you carry; a few lightweight grocery bags are not harmful. However, this is also determined by your pain severity.

Scoliosis is also associated with osteoporosis. This means that it lowers the density of your bones making them easily susceptible to fracture. Therefore, you are susceptible to falls and injuries due to osteoporosis. You should, therefore, be extra careful while walking to avoid accidental slips and falls.

You will need to adopt some exercises that you can do at home to reduce the level of pain. Yoga is one good exercise that stretches your spine, helping with the pain. You also need to have the appropriate level of comfort when you sit or lie down in bed. This may mean getting new furniture for your house. Try out the level of comfort of the seats and mattresses you buy before making the purchase.

Scoliosis also demands that you frequently see a doctor. The doctor examines if you are improving or worsening and makes some recommendations on how to manage the condition. You, therefore, need to create a lot of time for your doctor.

Integrative chiropractic center helps people dealing with scoliosis in managing the condition. Our team is involving in your treatment and combines several aspects into the treatment for holistic management. We welcome anyone with scoliosis and wishing to improve his or her quality of living. If you are prepared to start treatment, contact our offices on 205-637-1363.

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