How Often Do People Usually See Their Chiropractor?

It would be amazing for most people if one trip to the chiropractor cured all of their ailments. Maintaining your overall health and overcoming injuries simply cannot be done in one chiropractic session. There’s no magic number of times you need to visit your chiropractor to feel better. They work with you on a needed basis to help alleviate pain and heal your body.

Different Types Of Treatments

There is actually not just one treatment plan when it comes to your overall health and pain management. There are three stages of chiropractor healthcare. These are urgent, rehabilitative, and maintenance. When a patient is in an urgent phase, they need more treatments in the first few weeks to alleviate and maintain their pain. Rehabilitative treatment is not as frequent. They may need to come in a couple of times a month. Maintenance care is less often. This involves maintaining the alignment of your body as well as addressing any problem areas you’ve had in the past.

Alleviating Pain

Many people make a chiropractor appointment when they’re in pain. They let the pain get out-of-hand many times. The good news is that one trip to the chiropractor will help you in one session. Most people need to go on a regular basis to get the same sense of well-being. Think of it as maintaining a healthy body. You need to get treatments on a consistent basis so you can gain the maximum benefits from it. Many people benefit best from weekly chiropractic sessions. Some people only need to go once or twice a month to reach their maximum benefits. The chiropractor can also give you exercises to do at home to help your body.

Adjustments For Neck And Back Pain

The most common reasons people go to the chiropractor are to receive adjustments to their neck and back to alleviate pain. Sometimes people need these adjustments two times a week even. It is all up to the patient and their pain. Sometimes a person with a disc-related condition needs a lot of work to move without pain. The most typical cases; however, are things like muscle sprain, spasm or strain. These are easier to treat, usually once a week for only a few weeks.

Maintenance Adjustments

Many people also see their chiropractor for maintenance type treatment. Many of these patients have already completed a treatment plan or just want to prevent pain. There is no magic number of maintenance adjustments. A person’s active lifestyle usually determines how often they need a maintenance adjustment. A very active person needs regular adjustments. A person that sits at a computer all day with poor ergonomics, lifts heavy objects daily and/or bends over most of the day doing gardening or other activities usually needs more maintenance.

Importance of Spinal Deterioration

As you age, your spine naturally deteriorates. If you have an injury, this deterioration will be more rapid. When you have stress on the spinal vertebrae, you’ll also have more issues. Regular chiropractic adjustments will help with this deterioration. It helps to alleviate pain and works to minimize the effects that stress and repetitive motion put on your body. The goal is to regain a healthy spine and maintain this health for less deterioration. Your spine should be flexible without pain. This regular maintenance also helps manage the long-term health of your spine and prevent pain.

The Time

Many people fear they don’t have time to attend regular chiropractic visits. Each visit should not take long. Your chiropractor can work with you to set up times that work best for you. An adjustment only takes a few minutes. They will also want to go over any health issues that are worrying you concerning your muscles. Don’t worry about spending hours at your chiropractor.

Each patient is evaluated on a personal basis. The chiropractor will be able to work with you to set up a treatment plan that works best for your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. An exam will determine your plan toward the fastest recovery possible. When you’re ready to alleviate pain and feel your best, contact your chiropractor for a visit. Get on the journey to a healthier, pain-free life. Call us at 205-637-1363 to learn more.

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