How To Realign My Spine Without A Chiropractor?

More and more people spend money on expensive chiropractors searching for relief from chronic back pain. However, the problem is that these visits are often unsuccessful in providing relief. If you’re looking to fix your spine without going through the traditional route and dealing with a pricey physiotherapist or chiropractor, there are two easy ways to realign your spine. You’ll see immediate benefits from these natural methods up until your next visit to a professional.

Use of a Foam Roller

The most obvious way to realign your spine is through the use of a foam roller. Chiropractors and physiotherapists use this particular roller to realign your back. The roller is very simple to use, as you begin by lying down on the ground and slowly rolling up on top of the foam roller. Next, you roll around for 5 – 10 minutes until you feel some relief. This is the easiest way to realign your spine without a chiropractor. This method is also straightforward and inexpensive.

There are three main benefits of using a foam roller to realign your spine. First, this particular roller will help you get rid of the knots in your back by releasing tension in every muscle. Second, the foam roller is not as aggressive as a traditional chiropractor’s table and will cause much less pain. And third, it’s great for increasing your flexibility. This will help you to prevent any injuries in the future.

Stress Relief Massage

The next way to realign your spine without a chiropractor is to use a stress relief massage. These are available at many spas, gyms, and health clubs and cost anywhere between $50 – $100. When you get this message, an experienced masseuse will rub oily or warm oils into your back. Then, they’ll use long strokes to realign and stretch your spine. The masseuse will often use their hands, elbows, knees, and feet to help relieve tension in their muscles.

The benefits of a stress relief massage are much longer-lasting than the foam roller method. This is because it enables the masseuse to use deep penetrating strokes that go deeper into your muscles. The massage also works out all of your knots and tension in a brief period. You’ll be feeling brand new after visiting a spa or health club for this treatment.

Use of a Water Massage Table

Finally, you can also see immediate results when you visit a health club or spa for a water massage table. This is an advanced type of massage where your masseuse will use several large metal balls together with oil to realign your spine. The water massage table utilizes vibrations, and these balls have been proven to be effective in realigning the vertebrae in your spine.

In addition, these massage tables are very gentle, and it is significantly less painful than when you visit a chiropractor or physiotherapist. The water jets and vibrating balls also work out the knots in your muscles and tendons, as well as hurting out all forms of tension. As a result, you’ll feel like a new person after visiting this type of treatment.

The only real drawback to receiving a water massage is that it costs more than traditional forms of massage, but the price difference is usually negligible. The benefits that come from this treatment are almost immediate, and they’re usually much more effective than other types of treatments.

Natural Remedies

Finally, the last way to realign your spine without a chiropractor is to use natural remedies. Some of these natural remedies include:

  • Proper Lifestyle. This will help you to eliminate the cause of your discomfort and doesn’t cost you anything. Try going for brisk walks, running, or doing some yoga.
  • Ice or Heat. It’ll help you reduce your pain and stiffness, but make sure that you don’t overdo it.
  • Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods. Some of the best foods for reducing inflammation include: apples, oranges, and pears
  • Oil Massage. You can massage your spine with a simple oil such as coconut or olive oil.
  • Herbal Remedies. It’ll help ease your pain, but you should avoid taking it for long periods without speaking to a doctor first.
  • Yoga. Yoga is an all-natural way to relax your muscles and realign your spine. It’s free, and you’ll find many classes in your area.


In conclusion, realigning your spine will provide you with relief from the pain and discomfort that you’re feeling. However, you mustn’t get into the habit of over-using these methods. Otherwise, you could wind up causing more harm than good.

If you are ready to get started in realigning your spine without a chiropractor, contact us today at 205-637-1363 for help. We can get you on the path to wellness and relieve the pain that you’re experiencing.

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