Is a Chiropractor for Headaches Able to Treat Migraines?

If you suffer from migraines, you will want to know all there is to know about treating the pain of migraines. There are many different treatment options out there that are all said to help alleviate migraine pain. Some may work immediately, some may help prevent migraines, and some treatment options may not work at all. Pharmaceutical medications can give you side effects, as can over the counter medications. You may be hesitant to try these treatment options. There is an option where you can treat your migraines naturally, and that is with chiropractic care.

How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help?

A chiropractor is a specialist who specializes in the treatment of disorders related to the neuromuscular system. In some cases, misalignment of the spine can make your muscles tense. When your muscles are tense, it can irritate the nerves in your body, causing a migraine headache. Chiropractic treatment can help to alleviate muscle tension and the pressure on these nerves. Here is how a chiropractor can help your migraines:

• Decreases any nerve irritation that may send signals to the brain indicating pain.
• Muscle tension is decreased, which will help prevent migraines.
• Restores alignment, which will help allow for proper nervous system communications.
• Helps to establish normal blood flow.
• Strengthens muscles in the spinal area.
• Helps to identify migraine triggers.

Why Is Chiropractic Treatment for Migraines Not More Popular?

You might be asking yourself why everyone is not lining up at their favorite chiropractor getting treatment for their migraines? This is due to the fact that most people do not associate chiropractors with the treatment of migraines or headaches. You might think of a chiropractor treating things like back injuries and nerve pains. The truth is that everyone who is experiencing migraine pain should consider going to the chiropractor to get relief from their pain.

What To Expect At Your First Appointment?

When you go into your first appointment, you can expect to have your chiropractor ask you a lot of questions about your medical history, overall health, and your migraines. If you have kept a journal of when you have your migraines and the symptoms that accompany them, you will want to bring this with you. The chiropractor will go over all of these and come up with a treatment option. You may have x-rays during this time to see if your spine is misaligned or you have any other issues that may show up.

Once your chiropractor has gone over this, they will do an exam. They will check your spine and neck thoroughly to see if there are any issues. They will make adjustments to help you with your migraine pain. Your chiropractor will also let you know a schedule of when you should come in.
Do not expect immediate relief from your migraines just from the first visit. It may take multiple visits to realign your spine and help to alleviate muscle tension. Do not get frustrated at this time. Your chiropractor will work with you to ensure that you experience pain relief from your migraines.

Continuing Treatment

In addition to doing manual adjustments for your migraines, your chiropractor will work with you to figure out if you have any triggers. Finding out your migraine triggers can help to alleviate the frequency of your migraine by helping you to avoid these triggers. Things that trigger your migraines may include:

• Stress. Stress can cause muscle tension, which can cause a migraine. Your chiropractor can work with you to help teach you ways to alleviate stress. The chiropractor can also recommend several supplements that can help you to minimize your stress.
• Foods. There are certain foods that may trigger you into having a migraine. Your chiropractor can help you to learn these triggers and come up with a diet plan that helps you with your migraines. There are several foods that are loaded with antioxidants that may help alleviate your pain.
• Posture. In some cases, your migraine may be triggered by a lack of proper posture. Your chiropractor can teach you proper posture to help minimize your migraine frequency.
• Sleeping. Sleeping in the wrong position, on the wrong mattress, or even having the wrong pillow can cause you to have migraines and headaches. A chiropractor can help to make suggestions on proper sleeping positions, mattress recommendations, and pillow recommendations.

If you are suffering from migraine headaches and want to experience relief, please call the Integrative Chiropractic Center today at 205-637-1363. They are well experienced at treating migraines and headaches and can help to give you the relief that you need.

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