Is There a Birmingham Alabama Chiropractic Care Center That Can Give Me Hope of Less Future Pain?

Chiropractors are committed to providing their clients with solutions that naturally alleviate pain. This care is an excellent alternative to many conventional medical treatments as it offers relief without causing widespread side effects. More importantly, it addresses problems directly at their source rather than simply muting the discomfort they cause.

These services can also complement other therapies and treatments supplied by outside practitioners to allow for more well-rounded pain management plans. By visiting a Birmingham Alabama chiropractic care center, you can get relief for the pain that you’re feeling now, and can rest assured that your discomfort will be far less in the future. Chiropractic treatments are designed to provide lasting improvements in how the body feels, functions, and performs overall. According to the chiropractic philosophy, pain indicates that something is out of balance or ill at ease. The term disease can be considered as meaning that the body is at dis-ease.

Chiropractors leverage hands-on strategies and cutting-edge equipment to restore balance across the entire musculoskeletal system, realign the spine, and improve communication between the brain and the nerves. This makes the body better able to repair itself, even as it alleviates tension and stress in structures that are having to overcompensate. From both relieving and preventing recurring headaches and migraines, to reducing neck, back, and shoulder strain, these services promote total body wellness, and they can be beneficial whether you’ve got a functional, impact-related injury, or no known injuries at all.

Why Chiropractic Care Is So Effective At Promoting Relief

When visiting your regular doctor for a functional injury like whiplash, you’ll likely receive prescription pain medications for alleviating the related swelling, inflammation, and discomfort. Although these pills can provide some short-term relief, they do not address the joint dysfunction that’s associated with this issue, nor can they significantly expedite overall healing. Whenever you attempt to tip or turn your head, you’ll likely deal with sharp, shooting pains, limited movement, and a host of other problems.

An Alabama chiropractor, however, will take a more hands-on approach to addressing whiplash right at its source. This can include using:

  • Ultrasound therapy to produce immediate and dramatic reductions in inflammation and pain
  • Massage therapy to alleviate tension and stress in the muscles that surround the injury
  • Bracing to immobilize damaged structures and prevent unintentional movement
  • Acupuncture or acupressure to route more blood to the area and stimulate healing

Hands-on therapies can additionally include manual or computer-assisted adjustment of the spine as needed. Chiropractors can also integrate inversion therapy into the treatment plan to lengthen the spine, alleviate stress, and facilitate a more rapid return to proper alignment and positioning. By targeting the injury directly rather than muting its symptoms, chiropractors are able to expedite a person’s return to normal health and functioning. This is the approach that they use when treating all functional injuries. Best of all, with each session, an AL chiropractor’s patient can experience rapid and noticeable relief.

Certain problems that people visit chiropractors for are not the result of jarring, impact events such as car accidents or slip-and-fall accidents. They are instead, the result of everyday activities like repetitive movements at work, heavy-lifting, or extended periods of sitting in an office chair. These are caused by forcing unnatural curvature within the spine, placing too much stress on key structures, and overusing specific joints and muscle groups. Not only do chiropractors implement pain-relieving therapies for problems like these, but they also provide recommendations for preventing future issues.

They can share proper bending and lifting techniques, advice on choosing needs-specific ergonomic equipment, and guidance for performing repetitive motions safely and without causing harm. Secondary pain is incredibly common among chiropractic patients. This is pain that develops when certain musculoskeletal components are subjected to increase work in order to compensate for damaged or misaligned structures. For instance, if your spine is misaligned, you may rely more heavily on your neck, shoulder, or thigh muscles to get things done. Over time, this increased reliance will lead to muscle spasms, sharp pains, and general discomfort during movement. Correcting the primary problem will eliminate the secondary pain by ensuring that no supporting structures are having to overwork.

This is far more effective than simply prescribing pain medications given that it targets pain right at its source. This strategy works well for some instances of jaw pain, upper back pain, hip and thigh pain, wrist discomfort, tension headaches, and many other issues. Improving communication between the nerves and the brain by restoring proper spinal alignment greatly improves the body’s ability to protect and heal itself. When areas of misalignment exist, important messages that are sent via the spine can be either disrupted or delayed. This leads to decreased immune functioning, chemical imbalance, and countless other issues.

When the spine is in good health, overall functioning is optimized and the return to wellness after a functional injury is much shorter. If you’re ready to start using safe and all-natural therapies to improve your well-being, we can help. Call us now at 205-637-1363.

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