What Can I Expect From My First Visit with an AL Chiropractor?

If you’ve never received chiropractic care before, you probably have a few misconceptions about what goes on in these environments. While chiropractors are largely associated with spinal manipulation therapy or efforts to manually realign the spine, there are actually many things that your AL chiropractor can do to help you gain higher levels of health, increased comfort, and improved mobility among other benefits. Although chiropractic appointments can be quick and easy, this doesn’t mean that you’ll simply walk in, be adjusted, and then be on your way.

In fact, your first visit to the chiropractor’s office is guaranteed to include an in-depth review of your health, your medical history, and the alignment and functioning of your entire musculoskeletal system. Initial visits with chiropractors allow these doctors to obtain the information they require for devising individualized and needs-specific plans for patient treatment. While spinal adjustments can be incredibly effective for addressing certain functional issues, patients can also benefit from making specific life changes, performing key strength-building exercises, or receiving alternative therapies like inversion table therapy, acupuncture, and massage. Read on to discover exactly what you can expect when visiting your Alabama chiropractor for the very first time.

Determining How Past and Recent Events Have Affected Your Spinal Alignment

Chiropractors perform their treatments in the understanding that proper spinal alignment can improve both physical functioning and neurological functioning. The spine is the central supporting structure in the human body. As such, many of the functional problems and discomforts that people feel can be directly linked to subluxations or misaligned areas across the spine.

Whether you’ve been dealing with migraine headaches, carpal tunnel, sciatic nerve pain, or whiplash, efforts to improve your spinal alignment may be able to naturally produce the relief you seek. The spine also relays important messages that are sent between the nerves and the brain. These messages control all of your body’s everyday functions and movements. Unfortunately, subluxations, slipped discs, and problems with disc or nerve compression can cause these messages to be delayed or disrupted altogether. When this happens, people can experience problems like insomnia, mood fluctuations, chemical imbalance, digestive issues, and decreased immune system functioning among other things.

For these and other reasons, chiropractors start their care by learning more about the activities and events that may have had an impact on the spine. For instance, if you’ve recently had a slip and fall accident or been involved in a car crash, either of these jarring events may have caused areas of your spine to become displaced. In addition to asking you about your health history, your chiropractor will use diagnostic imaging to get a good look at how your spine is aligned and to identify areas that require chiropractic treatment. Your initial exam is also likely to include questions about your work habits, the type of equipment that you use at work, the exercises that you perform, and the type of diet you maintain.

All of these things can have an effect on the health and alignment of your entire musculoskeletal system. Once all of the necessary information has been collected, your provider will establish a customized and multi-pronged plan for helping you reach your health and wellness goals.

Together, the two of you will review this plan to determine which elements you’re most comfortable with, and how you prefer to proceed. Chiropractic treatment plans can include:

  • Manual or computer-assisted adjustments of the spine
  • Nutritional changes to address deficiencies or promote weight balance
  • Targeted strength-building exercises to improve balance, flexibility, and mobility, and to better support the spine
  • Ultrasound or acupressure therapy to reduce local inflammation and promote pain relief
  • Inversion table therapy to alleviate spinal tension and gradually improve alignment
  • Massage therapy for reducing tension and stress in muscles that are having to overcompensate due to injury

Your initial chiropractic visit is your chance to talk about your treatment goals. Many people work with AL chiropractors in an effort to improve their sports performance, prevent sports-related injuries, achieve weight loss, or ensure mood balance.

With access to such a vast range of natural therapies, these services also make it possible for many patients to become less reliant upon medication-based treatments for existing health issues. Whether your goal is to avoid using surgery for a current injury, or to regain your wellness after an auto accident, we can help. Call us today at 205-637-1363.

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