What Concerns Should You Be Prepared to Talk About When Meeting with an Alabama Chiropractor?

You might consider a trip to your local chiropractor’s office as being little more than an opportunity to get rid of the crick in your neck or the persistent ache in your lower back. Although chiropractors are known for taking a hands-on approach to realigning the spine, their efforts to ensure patient health go far beyond this.

Whether you’ve scheduled an appointment with an Alabama chiropractor to obtain relief after an accident or are seeking help in getting over a painful sports or work-related injury, there are a number of concerns that you can talk about during your appointment. Chiropractic doctors understand that many common health issues start at the spine. As the highway for communication between the brain and the nerves, its health and alignment can have significant effects on nearly every aspect of your functioning. Jarring, impact events like car crashes and slip and fall accidents can create spinal subluxations or areas of misalignment.

When the spine is not properly aligned, countless functional issues arise. In addition to dealing with pinched or compressed nerves, and the sharp, radiating pains that these injuries entail, you can also suffer from muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and limited mobility . Moreover, the muscles, ligaments, and joints that are near the area of subluxation will often taken on more stress to compensate. When musculoskeletal structures compensate for alignment issues, the resulting pain can be intense and widespread. Thus, even though you might visit an Alabama chiropractor to find out how an impact event has affected the alignment of your spine, you may be offered therapies for promoting relief in your hips, neck, shoulders, and many other body areas.

From Chemical Imbalances and Mood Swings to Chronic Headaches and Insomnia

Misaligned areas of the spine can have widespread effects on the entire musculoskeletal system. However, because the spine is used to pass messages from the brain to the nerves, areas of misalignment can also affect your overall functioning.

Thus, it’s a good idea to talk with your chiropractor about any health issues that you might be experiencing including:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Severe mood swings
  • Skin rashes
  • Migraine headaches

Misalignment of the spine can diminish the functionality of your immune system and your metabolism. It can even lead to chemical imbalances and various mood disorders. With this in mind, you don’t have to have a serious physical injury to benefit from chiropractic care. It’s also important to note that the alignment and health of your spine can be disrupted by a broad range of everyday activities. Heavy lifting, long periods of sitting still, and even craning your neck over your mobile phone are all things that can impact your spinal health.

During your initial examination, your provider will ask you about your daily habits, your work responsibilities and equipment, past impact events, and your medical history. Diagnostic imaging will also be used to get a clear view of your spine so that any areas of subluxation can be identified and incorporated into your treatment plan. Chiropractors in Alabama offer a very broad range of in-house services and therapies. You can always rely on these professionals to provide manual or computer-assisted spinal adjustments as needed, but they also offer massage therapy, inversion therapy, and even acupuncture. More importantly, they give their patients targeted and needs-specific advice for improving their physical comfort, boosting their health, and ensuring that their wellness goals are met.

You can work with a chiropractor to establish a manageable and effective weight loss plan, build strength in your abdominal muscles to prevent back pain, and learn more about the best ergonomic equipment for preventing work-related injuries. Chiropractors are also able to assist people in improving their physical performance. Athletes work with chiropractic doctors to improve their balance, agility, strength, and speed. If you have just started a new workout plan, your chiropractor can give you tips for performing exercises safely, so that you’re never over-stressing your joints or using improper form. These professionals assist with postural correction and even help their patients identify and resolve nutritional deficiencies.

The more that you mention during your consultation appointment; the more that your provider can assist you with. To get started on your journey to improved wellness, call us today at 205-637-1363.

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