What is an integrative chiropractic center?

Integrative chiropractic is a branch of the profession that goes beyond just relief from pain and restoring mobility to treating various conditions. It currently represents only 4% of practicing chiropractors, but it’s important to take note of this emerging trend. This blog post will explore what integrative chiropractic center is, the services offered by Integrative Chiropractic Center Services, and why they are so important.

What is an integrative chiropractic center?

Integrative chiropractic centers offer a variety of services to their clients. These services take place under the following broad categories: These care areas include nutritional counseling, physical therapy, therapeutic massage therapy, mind-body interventions such as meditation and yoga, lifestyle counseling, addiction counseling, and more.

Integrative Chiropractic Center Services

As we mentioned above, there are various services offered in an integrative center. Other than the classic healing services that every chiropractor offers, such as adjustments and ergonomic care, most offer additional service(s). These may include: Diagnostic Testing In some cases, you may have to visit the chiropractor for a specific injury or condition, but before that, you’ll need thorough diagnostic testing in many cases. This will help the doctor assess your body’s overall health and respond accordingly.

It can also help determine which treatment approach is best for you if you don’t feel like you have a clear-cut diagnosis when going in. Nutritional Counseling Many integrative centers offer nutritional counseling if you suffer from an injury or illness that may interfere with your daily diet.

They can help you understand how to eat and what food can best help your body heal. This might include offering recommendations for a food plan tailored to your condition or educating you on a specific diet like the GAPS diet. Homeopathy Many integrative doctors will be homeopathic practitioners as well.

Many of these doctors will offer homeopathic medicines or products to help in your healing. If you are interested, make sure to ask the doctor what he has in stock and consider talking to him about any alternatives that might be right for you. Medication Since some injuries and conditions take more than a single session to heal, doctors may need to prescribe medications or other treatments that the center may not provide. If this happens, the physician will refer you to their medical doctor for prescriptions.

Physical Therapy Physical therapy is effective in many cases of muscular and skeletal injuries. Integrative centers will offer physical therapy along with chiropractic adjustments or any other self-care methods they can teach you. Mind-Body Interventions Many integrative centers will offer mind-body interventions as part of your treatment plan. Mind-body interventions can include meditation, yoga, qigong, or other types of mind-body interventions.

Importance of Integrative Chiropractic Center Services

The benefits of an integrative chiropractic center are numerous. The benefits start with the fact that most of the treatments offered in these centers are evidence-based. You often don’t want to be treating patients with treatments that are not backed by science or research.

This can be seen especially when it comes to homeopathy and other alternative treatments, where so much is still unknown about the mechanisms behind them. Another benefit of integrative chiropractic centers is that they offer holistic treatment options. What this means is that you are receiving care for the musculoskeletal system and other systems of your body. Integrative centers typically offer an extensive list of services that can be tailored to the patient’s needs.

This means no matter what condition you are suffering from or injury you have, there is a good chance they will be able to provide you with effective treatment options. Lastly, integrative centers offer you the option to take a holistic approach. This means that they want your recovery to be a collaborative process. They want you to participate in your healing and take an active role in your recovery.

This is often not the case with traditional chiropractic centers where you go in one day, get treated with something that’s tried and true, and leave feeling pretty good. In conclusion, integrative centers offer you a wide variety of services backed by scientific research, evidence-based and can help you along your holistic journey. Make sure to take advantage of this service when you need it most. When you are ready to get started, call us today at 205-637-1363.

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