What Support Devices Are Available Through an Integrative Chiropractic Center?

Having overall health and wellness depends on the alignment of your spine. Many people don’t realize the key role spinal alignment plays in their overall physical state. Poor spinal health doesn’t stop at back pain, it relates the function of the whole body. The spine connects the nervous system to muscles and organs to keep them functioning as they should. Surprisingly, misalignment of the spine can result in ailments that we think are unrelated such as depression, digestive problems, and even dysfunction of vital organs. Good structural alignment ensures your whole body works at its optimum.

Integrative chiropractic care takes the whole body into account to identify and treat various conditions. It focuses on correcting structural misalignment of the spine to provide the rest of the body proper nerve communication that allows proper function. Along with manual manipulation, integrative chiropractic medicine uses various tools to aid in the patient’s progress. These support devices allow chiropractic doctors to provide patients with a variety of therapies that enhance the results of their care.

Let’s review various support devices you may find in an integrative chiropractic center.


One of the key pieces of equipment is a chiropractic table. There are diverse models according to the doctor’s techniques and personal preferences. Traction tables are used for decompression while the drop table adds extra force to the adjustment by utilizing gravity.


This hand-held mechanical tool allows the doctor to administer a low-force and quick impulse at exact points of the spine. The Activator uses a spring-loaded mechanism that creates speed and precision.


The TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit serves to alleviate joint and muscle pain and tension by blocking pain signals while stimulating the body to produce its natural painkillers and endorphins. The device sends low voltage electrical impulses through electrodes that are strategically placed. It is a safe and effective method to help the body relax and release tension.


A cold laser is an FDA approved therapy that produces light without heat. It treats injuries by promoting cell function, pain relief, and healing. It is a safe and effective alternative to pain medication. The body is able to be relieved from inflammation so that it can repair itself. It also stimulates specific nerve points so that there’s a free flow of nerve energy in the area being treated.


A therapeutic ultrasound device radiates sound waves that create deep heat therapy. It is applied to soft tissue and joints to produce a micro-massaging effect. Pain, stiffness, and spasms are relieved thus stimulating blood flow that accelerates the healing process.

Complimentary Equipment For Active Use

An integrative chiropractic center also provides active equipment that patients can utilize during their visits. Let’s review other support devices patients can use:


This innovative device allows the patient to perform a seated exercise to stretch and strengthen the back and core muscles. The person has to sit up straight for the exercise to be effective. Twisting improves range of motion and allows spinal discs to rehydrate and re-inflate to become functional again. It also helps circulate cerebral spinal fluid and improves oxygenation of the blood.


Chiropractors are now training their patients to use a vibrating platform. The person can stand, sit, or lie on the platform to receive a whole-body sensation. As the platform vibrates, it sends energy throughout the body forcing the muscles to relax and contract dozens of times per second. This device improves blood flood, tones muscles, increases flexibility, and decreases cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. The machine is noted for reducing back pain and reducing bone loss.


This great device gently decompresses, shapes, and hydrate the discs of the neck and back. It helps put the spine back into alignment to relieve tension and allow the muscles along the spine to relax. The patient just lays back and relaxes while the pump goes to work.

All of these great devices work best while the patient pays attention to their breathing. Being aware of the breath allows proper oxygen to flow, relaxes the body, and helps perform strengthing exercises more effectively.

The Integrative Chiropractic Center Team is specially trained to assist patients in regaining their spinal health with a holistic approach. The body has an innate ability to heal. Integrative chiropractic therapies target the root cause of widely seen ailments.

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