When Might a Birmingham AL Chiropractor Choose to Refer You to Another Professional?

Working with a Birmingham AL Chiropractor is often a sure way to get fast, natural, and surprisingly effective solutions for back, neck, shoulder, and other musculoskeletal pain. Chiropractic services can also expedite the body’s healing processes, improve mobility, and even address a host of neurological and neuropathic problems resulting from diminished brain to nerve and nerve to brain communication. In some instances, however, the results of chiropractic treatment can be greatly enhanced through secondary forms of care. When this is the case, your Birmingham chiropractor may choose to refer you to another professional.

Given that chiropractic medicine aims to take a whole-health approach to improving life qualities, this field is becoming increasingly multi-disciplinary. As such, a growing number of chiropractic practices are maintaining a diverse array of multi-specialty services and professionals right in-house. However, if you have a persistent infection, another serious health issue that’s not directly related to the health of your musculoskeletal system, or simply cannot relax enough to achieve optimum benefits from chiropractic adjustment, you’ll likely receive a referral to an outside practitioner. Read on to find out why.

<h3>Not All Health Issues Can Be Resolved Through Chiropractic Adjustment</h3>

Chiropractic care can address a vast and very diverse range of symptoms given that subluxations of the spine and misalignment in other areas of the body can have widespread effects on a person’s physical well-being. Although the spine is best-known as the body’s central support structure, it is also an important highway by which countless messages are sent from the brain to the nerves and vice versa. When the spine is subluxated, these messages can become delayed or they may not be received at all. Correcting subluxations can improve and streamline this communication avenue for better functioning all-around. In many instances, chiropractic adjustments can alleviate headaches, jaw pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain, joint dysfunction, and muscle spasms among may other problems. They can also promote better immune functioning, a more robust metabolism, mood balance, and more.

Sadly, however, certain obstructions and other causes of spinal misalignment are related to serious, underlying issues. For instance, if there is a mass or tumor on the spine or near it, many of the same symptoms of a general subluxation will present. In this case, spinal adjustments may promote temporary relief, but they will not resolve the larger and potentially progressive problem that’s ultimately threatening the patient’s overall health. When such a problem exists or is suspected to exist, a chiropractic doctor will make an urgent referral for outside care. Removing the mass and starting proper cancer treatment is critical for ensuring that the mass does not spread, that the symptoms do not recur or increase in intensity, and that the patient’s overall health is protected. This same level of urgency exists when chiropractic clients are dealing with stubborn and potentially widespread infections. Although chiropractic medicine has the power to optimize the immune system and the body’s ability to defend and repair itself, conventional treatments are often needed when an underlying health condition is severe, progressive, or systemic.

If your Birmingham chiropractic practice is not a multi-disciplinary one, you may receive a referral to another professional simply to enhance the benefits of your chiropractic treatment. For instance, patients who cannot relax sufficiently during chiropractic adjustment may benefit from acupuncture or acupressure therapies. These and other secondary therapies release tense, sore, and tired muscles over time, so that manual or computer-assisted adjustments of the spine become easier and more effective. Referrals to outside treatments are often given when several adjustment sessions have been completed and the corrective movements of subluxated areas remain ineffective for alleviating the associated discomfort.

Chiropractic care is intended to provided noticeable relief with every visit. When progress is slow or when serious underlying issues exist, patients may be referred for additional, outside treatment. In many of these instances, however, chiropractic care can remain an effective, supporting therapy for ensuring proper alignment of the spine and of the entire musculoskeletal system. After all, with a properly aligned spine, immune functioning can be optimized and the body will have the best ability to heal itself. If you’re ready to start improving your posture, adopting life habits that support your overall health, and achieving impressive gains in mobility and flexibility, we are here to help. Call us now at 123-456-7890.

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