Which Chiropractic Method Is Most Effective and Why?

The chiropractic procedure is a mode of treatment that alters the body structure to get rid of back pain. It is the care given to make a situation less adverse. The chiropractic procedure focuses on musculoskeletal disorders and their impact on general health.

A chiropractic method is the best way one can get relief from back pain and discomfort. Almost everybody has had pain in the spine or back area, and mediation cannot be used to treat. A chiropractor is a medic who helps with neuromuscular adjustments in the body.

Chiropractors use stress and other techniques to readjust body parts to their normal state. They also use these techniques to deal with nervousness in their clients. There are many chiropractic techniques.

These methods include several body components and bones. It might get hard to choose the most effective way because they all stand out. All these chiropractic methods have different effects depending on the person.

The Gonstead Procedure

Medics believe this to be the most effective form of chiropractic care. Gonstead stands for gold standards that spin the spinal area, and it is the mainly used technique. Dr. Gonstead discovered no better method to study a misalignment in the spine than using chiropractic hands.

Clarence Gonstead founded the Gonstead technique. It is a concept of chiropractic care that uses several examination methods to study the pain-causing factors. The Gonstead technique is effective, with most patients feeling better almost immediately.

The Gonstead method is one of the most used techniques globally. According to research, over 70 % of chiropractors have used this technique to treat their clients. It is a safe and precise chiropractic method that a medical officer will suggest to a patient.

The procedure commences with an evaluation of the pain location in the neck and spinal area. Professional chiropractors use an x-ray and several motion exercises to know where the problem is.

These tests help them to instill treatment at the correct place. Besides a standard spine refix, an accurate spine examination has several other benefits. Chiropractors use high-velocity thrust during spinal treatment, and this method repairs subluxation. It also helps to realign any interference in the nerves.

According to a study conducted in 2012, researchers tracked the treatment of a 28-year-old woman who had repeated dizziness. Doctors administered chiropractic treatment using the Gonstead method. The woman reported a significant reduction in pain after treatment.

This procedure does not immediately straighten the bones, but it removes the pain from these joints. The Gonstead technique is used to handle conditions like:

  • Subluxation
  • Stiff and painful necks
  • Acute pain in the back area
  • Adverse headaches and migraines
  • Joint dysfunctions

The Gonstead technique is broken down into several parts. They are:

  • X-Ray analysis – the chiropractor will first conduct an x-ray of the patient’s spine before they commence treatment. The x-ray occurs as they stand to help them examine their posture.
  • Static palpitation – the doctor then feels their spine as they stand still. They examine the spine for signs of heat or swelling. They also examine the minor tissues for any injury signs.
  • Motion pulse – is the third stage in the Gonstead technique, and it happens when the patient is in motion. The medic will repeat the same pulse they did when the patient was standing still. At this stage, they might be required to sit or stand and the doctors do this to observe the reaction of the patient’s vertebrae to their movement.
  • Nervo-Scope instrumentation – the term nervo-scope might sound intimidating to patients. The method helps the doctor detect any uneven heat distribution in the patient’s spine. The medics use gentle pressure when running the nervo-scope kit through the patient’s spine, which helps detect any inflammation.
  • Visualization – this is the last step during chiropractic treatment. At this stage, the chiropractor uses their research and findings to determine how the patient sits, stands, and walks. Since they are trained officials, they use their bird-eye vision to spot abnormalities in their walking style or posture.

There are many chiropractic methods doctors use, but the Gonstead procedure is the most effective. It helps to detect where the pain comes from before the chiropractor administers treatment.

Once in our lifetime, we might experience pain in the spine. Please do not feel bad about it because it is normal, but it is advisable to contact a chiropractor. There are many chiropractic methods to choose from, and all are effective. The Gonstead procedure is the most precise and effective method. Ready to get started, call us at 205-637-1363. We are located at Hoover, AL 35216.

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