Will a Chiropractor for Carpal Tunnel Help More Than At-Home Exercises?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful, persistent problem that affects millions of people throughout the world. Characterized by tingling, numbness, and discomfort in the wrist and hand, this issue can also cause weakness in the index and middle fingers, and in the thumb. For professionals who type or engage in other activities requiring precision and fine motor control, carpal tunnel greatly increases the difficulty and discomfort associated with many common work-related actions. Although there are options for treating carpal tunnel in both endoscopic and open surgery, many people are seeking lower-risk, non-invasive solutions instead.

The good news is that a chiropractor can leverage a number of all-natural strategies for improving wrist and hand mobility, and for alleviating the numbness and general discomfort associated with this condition. When carpal tunnel exists, this often means that there is excess pressure being placed on the wrist nerve. Compressed nerves are something that chiropractors deal with on a daily basis. One of the primary goals of chiropractic care is to ensure the proper alignment and functioning of the entire musculoskeletal system.

Chiropractors recognize that misalignment and nerve compression in any area of the body can lead to changes in mobility, discomfort, and diminished all-around health. For this reason, they take an individualized and needs-specific approach to helping each patient. With carpal tunnel, this can include searching for and resolving work-related injuries, offering nutritional advice, and recommending important lifestyle changes.

There are also a number of hands-on therapies that can be used to expedite natural healing and to facilitate better mobility at the hands and wrists. Although at-home exercise can certainly be an important element of chiropractic therapy for carpal tunnel, these guided activities are most often used as part of multi-pronged treatment plans.

Why Natural Chiropractic Therapies Are Offten Best

In terms of conventional treatment, those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome have access to a very limited range of solutions. For instance, they can take prescription pain medications to alleviate their discomfort or they can opt to have corrective surgeries performed. With pain medication, there is often the risk of becoming physically and psychologically addicted.

Moreover, many common pain medicines entail a very vast range of unpleasant side effects. Having surgery performed to improve carpal tunnel is not guaranteed to provide a positive outcome. After carefully considering the benefits, risks, and drawbacks of surgical treatment, many people turn to chiropractic care instead. Unlike surgery which is intended to produce permanent changes in the targeted area, chiropractic care is incredibly flexible and adaptable. If a chosen therapeutic path does not provide the relief that people are seeking, the chiropractic treatment plan can be strategically modified and refined as needed.

Moreover, there is no risk of addiction with chiropractic care, and there are no unpleasant side effects to contend with. The all-natural treatments that are leveraged by chiropractors entail minimal risk and have a very high success rate in promoting both immediate and lasting relief. While many people think that chiropractic care for carpal tunnel is solely focused on the performance of strength and flexibility-building exercises, these efforts represent only one small part of the available range of remedies for this issue. Yoga and targeted hand therapy can certainly help limit the symptoms of this ailment, but chiropractic doctors generally use these exercises in conjunction with other therapy types. For instance, many chiropractors find that correcting subluxations at the spine is effective for addressing alignment issues in other areas. When the body’s central supporting structure is positioned and functioning like it should, other aspects of the musculoskeletal system aren’t subjected to undue stress and can in turn, function and feel as they should.

Therapeutic massage is frequently leveraged by chiropractors to promote improved mobility and pain relief in patients suffering from carpal tunnel. Ultrasound therapy can additionally be performed to alleviate inflammation. However, among some of the most effective strategies for addressing the stiffness, numbness, and discomfort of carpal tunnel are targeted, needs-specific lifestyle changes. For instance, if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, you may be advised to start using ergonomic equipment at your desk, or to simply modify the way in which you perform certain repetitive work-related activities.

People who are overweight or who are suffering from nutritional deficiencies may be given dietary guidance and advice. Flexibility and strength-building exercises are frequently used to supplement carefully devised, multi-pronged plans that are based upon the circumstances and health goals of the individual. If you’re ready to get started on leveraging the best natural therapies to improve your carpal tunnel, we can help. Call us today at 205-637-1363.

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