Are There Any Stretches that Can Mimic a Spine Chiropractor Treatment?

If you’re currently suffering from neck or back pain, you may be tempted to alleviate this discomfort by performing special stretches on your own. However, before trying any natural and self-managed remedies, it’s vital to have a clear understanding of the underlying causes of your pain, the nature and condition of your spine, and the right tactics for restoring proper functioning and alignment. This is why spine chiropractic doctors always start their care by performing comprehensive examinations. With these assessments, chiropractors are able to determine the best and most needs-specific solutions.

Stretching can be an excellent way to alleviate spinal pressure and stress that may be causing stiffness, soreness, and even inflammation. When performed correctly, the right stretches can also help facilitate the migration of displaced vertebrae back into their proper conditions. Unfortunately, when alignment issues or spinal damage is severe, the wrong motions and activities can do far more harm than good. Although back and neck pain are common, these issues can have many possible causes. For instance, your discomfort may be the result of:

  • Repetitive motion activities
  • A jarring impact event such as a trip and fall accident or a car crash
  • Heavy lifting
  • Poor posture
  • Excess body weight
  • An undiagnosed musculoskeletal condition

Each of these issues and others must be resolved in very specific ways. Moreover, certain causes of back pain require multiple forms of chiropractic treatment in order to produce rapid, natural, and long-lasting relief. Due to this fact, chiropractors often devise multi-pronged plans for their patients. Certain elements of these plans are meant to gradually reduce stress on the affected area so that natural healing can be expedited. These include:

  • Ultrasound therapy for alleviating inflammation
  • Inversion table therapy for reducing stress and addressing spinal subluxations
  • Computer-assisted and manual adjustments for improving spinal alignment
  • Massage therapy for reducing stress on muscles and other structures that are overcompensating

Stretching may not be a good standalone solution to your problem. When alignment issues and inflammation exist, the muscles that surround affected structures are often forced to work much harder than they’re meant to. Identifying and addressing back and neck pain at their primary sources, and resolving secondary pain and stress is the best strategy for restoring comfort, improving mobility, and ensuring proper musculoskeletal functioning going forward. For these and other reasons, working with a reputable chiropractor is often the best way to achieve your goals in a timely and efficient fashion, and without exacerbating your current injuries.

When Does Stretching Work To Improve Neck And Back Pain?

While stretching might not be the best self-prescribed cure-all for your neck and back discomfort, it can still be a vital part of your overall chiropractic treatment plan. In fact, with professional chiropractic care, stretching is often considered an essential element of a patient’s multi-pronged solution. Needs-specific stretches can be performed in-between treatment sessions at home to help encourage proper alignment and functioning. These will be recommended according to your postural needs, your current fitness level, and the nature and nuances of your neck or back injury.

Stretching is great for reducing spinal stress, improving balance and overall musculoskeletal functioning, and for reducing discomfort. Stretching out muscles that are tight, tense, and sore can also eliminate the need for surrounding muscle groups and other structures to overcompensate. During in-office spinal treatment, inversion table therapy is frequently used to help fully stretch the spine. When the body is completely inverted, displaced discs can naturally start shifting back into place. Proper stretching can additionally increase the overall efficacy of other corrective measures that are used, including manual and computer-assisted adjustments.

When back and neck pain are persistent problems, stretching is a great way to facilitate healing and pain relief. To avoid exacerbating your current injuries or creating entirely new injuries, however, you may want to perform your stretching routines under the guidance of a licensed chiropractor. Working with this professional will give you instant access to an impressive range of safe and all-natural therapies for promoting rapid and lasting relief. Moreover, you can also learn preventative strategies for staving off future injuries including proper weight management, good nutrition, postural correction, and ergonomic work practices among many other things. If you’re ready to improve your spinal health and naturally address your neck or back pain, call us now at 205-637-1363.

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