Can a Chiropractor Help with Leg Pain from Adult Degenerative Scoliosis?

When you look at the spine, you will notice that it is straight. When someone has scoliosis, their spine curves sideways. It is estimated that at least seven million people in the United States suffer from scoliosis. While some people have a noticeable curvature of their spine, at least 80% of the population have a curve that is not detected to the untrained eye. For those with the more severe form of scoliosis, the curve will be very noticeable. One shoulder may be higher than the other, and their body might lean to one side. They may also have a hunched appearance as well as trouble walking. Typically, a person is diagnosed with scoliosis when they are teenagers. However, some people will not know they have scoliosis until adulthood.

Types of Scoliosis

There are four types of scoliosis.

• Congenital scoliosis. This scoliosis is detected at birth. It is caused by bone abnormalities.

• Degenerative scoliosis. This form of scoliosis is caused by major spinal injury, osteoporosis, and bone collapse.

• Idiopathic scoliosis. If a person has this form of scoliosis, the cause is not known. It comes on sporadically with no known cause. This is the most common form. It may have a genetic factor as it is seen to run in families.

• Neuromuscular scoliosis. This is the form of scoliosis that is found in people with condition like spinal bifida or cerebral palsy. It is caused by irregular muscle and nerve formations.

Untreated Scoliosis

Scoliosis can cause some severe symptoms if it is left untreated. Even the slightest bit of curvature can cause problems as you age. Over time, this condition can lead to disc problems and osteoarthritis. This can cause issues with nerves in the body. Some people can even see issues with their heart and lungs due to this condition. Problems include:

• Leg pain

• Sciatica

• Arm numbness

• Breathing problems

• Acid reflux

• Constipation

• Heart problems

• High blood pressure

• Infertility

• Spinal stenosis

• Back pain

• Neck pain

• Tingling in the legs

• Heart issues

For adults that suffer from the conditions, the effects of scoliosis can create issues with your balance. You may find that you are unable to walk long distances and fall frequently. Scoliosis can cause severe leg pain due to compression on the sciatic nerve. This can also cause problems with bladder control and bowel control.

Treatment for Scoliosis

There are many different treatments out there for scoliosis. Treatment varies from pharmaceutical medications to surgery. For some people, these treatments may not work at all. If your case is not severe, they may not treat you at all. They will just monitor you to see if the condition worsens. If you have mild scoliosis, they may choose to brace you. Surgical options include metal rods being placed in your spine. If you would prefer a non-invasive approach, you may want to consider looking into chiropractic care. A chiropractor will take a look at your spine to determine a course of action. They will be able to do manual adjustments that will help to bring your spine back into alignment. This is a much better option for those that are told to just wait and see. Chiropractic care is also great for those that have a more severe form of scoliosis. A chiropractor will be able to manipulate your spine to go into the position it is intended to be. A chiropractor will also be able to work on areas that have been affected by scoliosis.

For example, if you are experiencing leg pain, your chiropractor will be able to do adjustments to help relieve the compression on your sciatic nerve. In addition to adjustments, a chiropractor will be able to give you exercises and stretches that will help your pain. It will also help to stabilize and strengthen your muscles. If you are looking for a great chiropractor in the Hoover, AL area, please contact us today. We will help you to avoid having to wear a torso brace, or to have corrective surgery. Chiropractic care can help you to avoid the long term effects of scoliosis. We will be able to help you to reverse your scoliosis. Many people have even seen a complete return to function simply by having a chiropractic adjustment. Give us a call today so that we can get started on your chiropractic care. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel after just a few adjustments. Please call Integrative Chiropractic Health & Wellness today at 205-637-1363 to schedule an appointment.

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