Can an Alabama Chiropractic Practice Help with Chronic Pain?

The short answer to the question of whether an Alabama Chiropractic practice can help with your chronic pain is yes, they certainly can. We should first look to understand what is meant by chronic pain, which is different from the closely-related problem of acute pain. For the majority of medical groups and organizations, the issue of chronic pain is defined as any pain which persists for at least twelve weeks but can last for months, years, or even decades. In contrast, acute pain is defined as a pain which is focused on a specific part of the body but is limited to a severe pain lasting for a short period of time.

In the 21st0-century, the statistics show people like you in Alabama are suffering from chronic pain at higher rates than ever before. If you are looking to relieve your pain, the chance to work with our chiropractor to relieve your chronic pain should be one you explore for a future filled with less pain. North Americans like you are struggling with chronic pain like never before with 55 percent of Canadians suffering from pain at regular intervals of their life. Studies have shown chronic pain is a major issue for adults in the U.S. who have been affected by chronic pain at a rate of around 20 percent and eight percent stated they were affected by high-impact chronic pain. High impact chronic pain is defined as a pain which limits at least one everyday activity each day.

Chiropractic help with chronic pain

Your issues with chronic pain can be treated in a number of ways by the medical community but many of the options you will be provided with will include invasive surgical techniques. Chronic pain can strike anywhere on the body and can usually be felt in certain areas, such as the lower back, neck, or limbs you may struggle to move or cope with. Across Alabama, our Hoover chiropractic office is offering a range of services designed to limit your chronic pain and bring about a better life you will be happy to live.

Chronic pain issues may be a problem you wish to address with the use of holistic medical treatments now providing a better way of relieving your pain with chiropractors playing a key role in most medical approaches to back pain. If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain, you will find yourself one of the millions of Americans offered the chance to seek the assistance of chiropractors as the first line of defense. Lower back pain will manifest itself at any time and is usually treated by our chiropractor with a series of spinal manipulations designed to realign the back.

Chronic back pain can be the result of many different medical issues, including bulging discs and other spinal issues. The treatment of your chronic pain by our chiropractor in Hoover will not always focus on simply limiting the effects of your medical issues but could find real solutions to bulging or herniated discs.

Although chiropractors are often associated with work done to relieve pain and suffering in and around the spine, there are many chronic pain issues which can be assisted by our Alabama chiropractor. Among these is the issue of chronic migraines and neck pain which have both been proven to be relieved with some form of chiropractic care. Our Hoover, Alabama-based chiropractor understands the issue of chronic pain is far more of a problem than just limiting your ability to move and live your everyday life. Other issues can develop which are usually linked to the onset of chronic pain, including depression and insomnia which usually develop as a direct result of your underlying medical condition.

Our chiropractic office looks at your lifestyle and the reasons for your chronic pain to make sure the best treatment option is found for your medical issues. Spinal manipulation is not the only form of treatment available to you at our offices as we look at which treatment best serves your needs. Alongside spinal manipulation, our chiropractor will look at treatments including hot and cold therapies, and discuss educational options regarding your posture.

If you have been suffering from chronic pain and feel you would like to discuss your options with our Hoover, Alabama chiropractor, call 123-456-7890 to discuss your treatment options.

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