Can Scoliosis Pain Ever Be Eliminated?

Scoliosis is a disorder that is caused by an abnormal curve on the backbone. There are several types of Scoliosis based on age and cause when the curve starts to develop. Scoliosis isn’t painful during childhood. Patients don’t typically experience pain because of the curve. Secondary issues, i.e. spinal degeneration, trigger excruciating pain. Scoliosis pain can successfully be eliminated.

Adults with idiopathic scoliosis experience more symptoms than teenagers. This is because the degeneration on adult’s joints and discs force spinal nerve openings to narrow. An immense discoordination of backbone muscle patterns leave other muscle groups straining to do more work compared to others. This results in achy, dull, cramping and burning spasms.

Different types of scoliosis pain trigger Joint inflammation

As patients with Scoliosis grow old, they develop spondylosis, also referred to as joint slipping. This is common in those patients whose illness has not been treated. The joints receive much pressure and become inflamed. The cartilage that supports the discs becomes thinner, leading to the development of spurs.

When the discs wear out, and the curvature progresses to a juncture where the vertebrae start pressing on the nerves, a lot of pain is generated. What are the symptoms of joint inflammation?

  • Localized severe pain on the joints
  • Patient experiences pain and stiffness early in the morning and also during the day
  • Activity-related pain that progressively worsens

Mechanical pain triggered by Scoliosis

This type of pain is triggered by abnormal stress on the tissues and muscles that surround the backbone. Poor body posture is the leading cause of the pain. Patients with Scoliosis tend to lean forward a lot because their spine has an abnormal curve. They do this attempting to relieve pressure on the nerves that are affected. What are the symptoms of mechanical pain?

  • Fatigue on legs and lower back because of straining
  • Stiffness and low back pain
  • Achy, dull and burning spasms

Nerve pain triggered by Scoliosis

This pain arises when the nerves are completely compressed. The deformity on the back together with the degeneration of the spine is the ones that create pressure on the nerves and even on the entire backbone. This pain is more severe than all others. The pain can affect lower extremities. The symptoms of nerve pain include:

  • Pain
  • Weakness
  • Loss of coordination
  • Numbness

Treatment of Scoliosis pain

Patients vary from one another. This means that each patient can be given customized treatment to reduce the degree of the curvature, boost functionality and get rid of scoliosis pain. It’s imperative to address the cause of the condition, i.e. density loss and bone mass. The illness can also be treated through the use of nutrient supplements and hormone replacement therapy.

Other non-surgical pain treatments include isometric exercises and balancing, wearing a ScoliSmart Activity suit, Automatic Response Training exercises and nutritional testing.

Strategies for Scoliosis Pain management

Adults that have backbone curves have plenty of options for managing pain. Some of these Strategies include:

  • Herbal pain relief

Working out maybe be a tedious exercise for some adults that have lived with scoliosis pain. However, taking the correct dietary supplement can assist reduce the effects of the symptoms. Some patients experience sufficient pain relief when they apply herbal pain relievers. Most of the available herbal pain relievers have between 6-8 hours of pain relief. Before using the herbal pain reliever, it’s crucial to consult your doctor first.

  • Exercising

This is the key to effective Scoliosis pain management. Strengthening the core muscles is vital for preventing extended degeneration and improving posture. Frequent stretching assists to maintain flexibility and combat stiffness. You can work with your treatment clinic doctor to come up with a suitable program that is customized to meet your needs.

  • Wearing a ScoliSmart Activity Suit

The suit is an ideal treatment option suitable for adults. It relieves symptoms and also addresses the pain caused by spinal curvature. You can wear the suit when performing exercises and also going about daily activities. The suit boosts communication between the muscles and brain. Muscles surrounding the backbone naturally and slowly start to correct the imbalance on the spine.

  • Contemporary therapies

The options in this category include:

  • Being fitted with specific braces that can support the spine relieving pressure on the nerves
  • Hydrotherapy and muscle massaging
  • Medication

Some over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen might assist in relieving pain. If the remedies fail to work, you can consult with your clinic doctor. The doctor might prescribe other strong pain management drugs. The time to act is now. Pain caused by Scoliosis can be eliminated for good. Don’t allow the pain levels to bulge. There is hope. You can contact us for more support, guidance, diagnosis and treatment. Call us 205-637-1363

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