Do Chiropractic Wellness Centers Take Same-Day Appointments?

We know that pain pops up in a person’s life sometimes. It’s very uncomfortable for you to have to wait for several days to get in to see the chiropractor. For that reason, we try to take same-day appointments as much as possible to keep you out of pain.

If you’re looking for an excellent spinal adjustment and relief from pain in the Birmingham, Alabama area, please contact us. If you have a spinal structural issue or have pain due to an accident, we may give you a spinal adjustment to correct any imbalance and relieve your pain.

Some of the spinal issues chiropractic treatments can treat include:

Structural spinal correction issues.
Scoliosis treatment.
Herniated discs.
Carpal tunnel disorder.
Spinal stenosis.
Neck pain.
And for your general chiropractic needs.

If you’re looking for holistic, non-surgical relief from your chronic spinal pain, please check into chiropractic treatments and adjustment. We provide this safe, comprehensive treatment for a wide variety of chronic pain issues that lessens your need for pain medication and may save you from having surgery.

What is Chiropractic Treatment? How can it Work to Benefit You?

If you have spinal –related pain from accidents, sports injuries, or for other reasons, chiropractic treatments might relieve your pain. Some of the pain that a chiropractor deals with includes pain in the:


Some of the conditions that benefit from chiropractic treatments include:

Chronic pain or headaches.
Chronic back pain.
Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis.
Sports injuries.
Accidents at work or home.

Some of the symptoms that indicate that you need a spinal adjustment include:

Feeling pain in the back.
Shooting pains.
Feeling stiff or achy.
Pain that radiates down to your legs or feet.
Numbness or weakness in your legs or feet.

Chiropractors use spinal manipulation and various other alternative treatments to treat your pain. The central concept behind chiropractic care is that if the spine is adjusted correctly, the body will heal itself with minimal medication or surgery.

Manual manipulation and other chiropractic treatments allow the body to align and heal itself.

Chiropractic treatments can be used alone or in connection with massage, traditional medical treatments, and physical therapy. Chiropractic doctors study for a minimum of four years and have the initials DC behind their name.

Treatments include taking a medical history, a physical examination, and may also include diagnostic imaging such as an x-ray to determine the origin of your spinal discomfort. Next, your chiropractor uses sudden force and other types of manual adjustment to realign your spine and give you improvement in your range of motion.

In addition to manual adjustments, your chiropractor may give you more information about how to stay healthy, including:

Exercises and rehab to do.
Nutritional education.
Assistance with your chair, desk, or other items you use at work or at home that may add to your discomfort.

When you’ve participated in chiropractic treatments for a time, you should notice that your pain levels diminish or disappear and that you become stronger and healthier. Many people feel an immediate and significant reduction in their pain levels after even one adjustment.

Your back pain may get better on its own in a couple of weeks, indicating that you have acute pain. But if you have chronic, long-term pain that doesn’t go away by itself, you’ll benefit from chiropractic treatments.

If you’re experiencing chronic spinal pain or related pain, please contact us for more information about having a consultation and a spinal adjustment. These treatments don’t hurt and aren’t invasive. Your doctor of chiropractic will explain what he’s going to do before he treats you. Treatment sessions are quick. Before you know it, you’ll feel and move better, and your quality of life should significantly improve.

Contact our chiropractic clinic today at 205-637-1363 to ask for more information and to set up a time to come into our office. We may be able to get you in for a same-day appointment if you need it. Our kind and friendly staff will work with you to get your body working and feeling better through chiropractic treatments.

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