How Can I Get Relief for my Scoliosis Back Pain?

Scoliosis is a spinal condition that forces the spine to form a curve of a certain degree towards the side. Its main discomfort is back pain, which makes it unbearable to lead everyday activities without seeking treatment. Most treatments navigate around halting more development of scoliosis and alleviating pain. This piece aims at informing you of the best pain relief methods when suffering from scoliosis back pain.


Anti-inflammatory medicine such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen, and aspirin are usually the first resort when seeking pain relief modes. Simpler drugs can be retrieved from over-the-counter with no prescription requirements. If regular pain killers fail to offset the back pain, consider consulting with your primary physician for stronger anti-inflammatory drugs.

In some cases, after proper examination, your doctor may recommend epidural (nerve block) injection. Usually it is preferred when the back pain progresses to affect the leg muscles and joints. Physicians prescribe medication for short term use and may advise coupling with other pain relief methods for a full recovery.


Exercises such as walks jog and stretches can alleviate back pain by releasing tension in the muscles sitting adjacent to the spine. Certain scoliosis specific stretches are known to improve blood circulation and lubrication in the joints, keeping the body agile. Consistent workouts aid the body to maintain a healthy weight that prevents putting unnecessary load on the spine. You might consider finding a corrective exercise specialist to assist you to determine which of the body sides lack elasticity and what exercises should help relieve the back pain.

Spinal injections

Scoliosis, in its severe forms, can sometimes irritate and put pressure on the nerves that lie around the spine. This development causes pain, tingling sensations, and numbness that stretches all the way from the lower back to your toes. In such cases, doctors recommend corticosteroid injections to help ease the pain down. Unlike medications, these steroid injections have a longer-lasting effect that can stay up to a few months but they aren’t a long-term solution.

Hot and cold therapy

Muscles spasms that trigger back pains from scoliosis can use a hot pad and cold pack alternatively. Simply place the heat pad on the pain point on your back to soothe and calm the muscle spasms. It also reduces muscle and joint stiffness. Leave it to work on the area for about twenty minutes. Should the pain persist, consider using a cold compress. Cover the affected area for about twenty minutes. Keep alternating the two remedies until the pain reduces effectively.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy necessitates on the need to find a balance between proper exercising, balanced diets, and adequate rest. Under the supervision of a qualified physiotherapist, you should attain back pain relief techniques that will help your body regain full balance. The exercises should help you restore muscle strength to stop the condition from progressing as well as reduce back pains. The therapy should help you reduce stress and improve resting patterns to help your body regain its energy.

Chiropractic therapy

Chiropractic therapy is a form of medical practice that targets the re-adjustment and manipulation of the spine and its surrounding tissues. It has proven to be an effective pain relief method that offsets any triggering factors that could provoke back pain in the presence of the spinal curvature. Your doctor of chiropractic will examine your spinal condition, determine an excellent technique to alleviate the back pain and advise of additional methods to maintain the painless results. Among these suggestions chiropractors give are ways to maintain a healthy weight, healthy diets, and a guide to scoliosis-friendly workouts.


This balance of traditional and western medicine is believed to yield satisfactory pain relief results. It entails on utilizing the dry-needling technique on the affected areas. Patients struggling with back pain from scoliosis could benefit immensely from a few sessions of acupuncture therapy.


Surgical intervention is typically the last resort when browsing through back pain relief methods. For most doctors, it is recommended when back pain becomes too severe to contain with other ways or when the all other pain alleviating techniques fail. These surgical operations include:

  • Spinal fusion- the operation will fuse two or more vertebrae to improve spine strength.
  • Laminectomy- one of the spinal bones is retrieved to relieve pressure on the pain point.
  • Discectomy- like laminectomy, a segment of the discs found between vertebrae is removed to relieve pressure.

There you have it! Effective ways for back pain relief when struggling with scoliosis. In many cases, your doctor will recommend a combination of these methods. Call us today at 205-637-1363 to book a consultation session with us and get you on the best pain relief techniques.

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