How Do You Know if Treatment for Scoliosis Is Working?

Scoliosis is a difficult medical condition to face as it can cause a large amount of pain for both children and adults. If you are affected by scoliosis, it is important to understand the different forms of this condition and what your options are for working with medical professionals to obtain a treatment which works for you. In recent studies, chiropractic treatments have been shown to provide a positive effect on patients affected by both idiopathic and secondary scoliosis. Our chiropractic offices in Hoover, Alabama has been offering practical treatments proven to be effective to ease the pain and reverse the curvature of the spine affecting your neighbors in the Birmingham area.

What we have found over the last few decades is the treatments for scoliosis are becoming more effective and limiting the advance of this difficult to cope with the condition. Despite the advances made in treatments, it is estimated between two and three percent of the population of the U.S. are affected by scoliosis in one of its two forms. Unlike many other conditions you may face in your life, idiopathic scoliosis has no known reason for occurring and affects children between the ages of 10 and 18.

You may find yourself becoming frustrated with the traditional medical treatments for scoliosis, which state a C or S bend in the spine of fewer than 20 degrees should simply be monitored for the future. Above 25 degrees, scoliosis will be treated with a back brace, and over 40 degrees will require surgery. Getting an effective treatment and seeing results in terms of the Cobb Angle can be difficult without the aid of an experienced chiropractor such as our experts at our Hoover, Alabama office.

New techniques are emerging

Scoliosis has been treated in the same way by the majority of medical experts for decades, but the emergence of new technologies and techniques will allow you to see results in your treatment plan. To understand whether your scoliosis treatment is working we look at the level of pain you are feeling and the measurement of the Cobb Angle which is often used to classify your scoliosis. The Cobb Angle is used to measure for far your spine is curved and results in the decision about how your treatment will progress fir surgeons and other medical professionals.

We believe the use of chiropractic treatments can assist you as you look to limit the pain and straighten the curvature of your spine. As with most medical conditions in the 21st-century, scoliosis treatments are expanding and developing to include the use of a range of new technologies and ideas.

For example, traditional bracing techniques are still in use to accompany the work done by chiropractors such as our own Birmingham, Alabama scoliosis experts. Although the traditional bracing techniques used for decades remain successful, new options have been developed including a lightweight brace created in Spain which offers a more comfortable way to treat any child or adult. These braces include a front fastener instead of the traditional back fastening options which can be heavy and warm in the warmer months of the year.

A second advance which has shown great promise and successful results is the introduction of a series exercises known as the Schroth method. These exercises are designed to assist in the treatment of scoliosis and allow young people to feel they have the opportunity to play an active role in their treatment plan.

Excellent results have been gained through the use of a combination of bracing and chiropractic spinal manipulation to treat scoliosis. Your options for finding a successful treatment should include a consultation with our Hoover, Alabama chiropractor who will examine your patient and make sure the best treatments remain available at all times. Judging the level of success achieved by yourself and our chiropractor will be done by monitoring the Cobb Angle and making sure your pain is tracked to ensure it is reducing in intensity and length of time. Chiropractic care should form at least a portion of your treatment plan and has been proven to improve the lives of people like you who are affected by scoliosis and its accompanying medical issues.

If you are affected by scoliosis and feel you would like to explore the options offered by our chiropractor give our Hoover, Alabam office a call at 205-637-1363.

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