How Does a Chiropractic Structural Correction Work?

Chiropractors help alleviate back pain experienced by their patients. There is a traditional and structural process. The traditional method is the face of the chiropractors practice, where they help reduce the patient’s pain and increases their mobility in their back. Structural chiropractic method is significantly different, and goes deeper in repairing the function of the spine.

Structural chiropractors do not only focus on the secondary conditions, the symptoms the patient is experiencing. They also focus on the spine’s foundation. Depending on the symptoms, the chiropractors are able to tailor the treatment for the patient. Afterwards, the chiropractor is then able to address the issues of the vertebra shift by aligning the bones, or changing the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves through stimulation.

The foundation of the spine can be broken up into various components. Together, these components create a structural shift, a collection of the changes in the spinal region that impacts the functions of the body. By putting their energy into correcting the structure of the spine, chiropractors are able to relieve any secondary conditions, such as back pain and pinched nerves. Structural chiropractors are like mechanics looking under your car and finding the axles are not aligned.

Structural chiropractors take a scientific approach in analyzing the structure of the spine, by using four types of analyses. Afterwards, they are able to create a plan and set up further consultations in order to pick the best treatment for their patients.

Examination and Therapy

A chiropractor will guide the patient through a pictured analysis and discuss their past health history that is relevant to their symptoms/secondary conditions. If the pain is caused by an accident or from daily living, the chiropractors take everything into account to provide the best care. A Birmingham chiropractor, after the initial consultation, will move on to examine the patient through these means:

  • Thermoscan
    Surface Electromyography
    Structural Chiropractic

These will determine if there is actually a structural shift in the patient’s spine that is causing them pain. The C-ray analysis informs the chiropractor the general region of the misalignment.

Now you find out there is a problem but rather not go through surgery, but choose to go with the chiropractor’s specialized care plan. Structural correction might be done through these techniques:

  • Structural Chiropractic Adjustments
    Spinal Decompression
    Rehabilitation through exercises and stretching
    Structural soft tissue reconstruction
    Nutritional guidance

Spinal decompression might be the solution for you. It might be necessary because the discs can lose their fluid gradually or from an injury, and as a result lose their thickness. The discs help separate the spine, and when it decreases in length, the spine starts to rub together. Two vertebrae pressing against each other can also cause a bulging disc, which can then cause a pinched nerve, leading to a sensation of pain from that problem area.

The decompression therapy slowly takes the pressure off the nerves by increasing the thickness of the discs to where it won’t bulge. The chiropractor’s equipment is able to create a negative pressure, like a suction force, inside of the bulging disc, allowing for the fluids to reshape the form of the disc back to its original shape.

Many adults will experience back pain in their lifetime, as no one’s spinal structure is perfect. Even after the initial care is done, the chiropractor will go over the spinal structure again and make sure everything is still in alignment, and to ensure that the problem does not arise again, will give the patient stretches and exercises they can perform on their own at home. Consider consulting a chiropractor for spinal decompression therapy if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Pinched nerves
    Sciatica pain
    Low back pain
    Neck pain
    Numbness and tingling
    Facet syndrome
    Spinal cord compression
    Herniated discs
    Degenerative disc disease

Spines are unique to every individual, and the structural chiropractor’s customized plan mirrors that. The chiropractor does not only eliminate the pain, but restores one’s spine to its proper alignment. If a safe and natural method is what you are looking for, consider calling a Birmingham chiropractor today at 205-637-1363. A pain free back is not something you have to struggle with anymore, as these chiropractors have a solution just for you.

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