How Is Dry Needling Being Used to Provide Pain Relief?

Dry needling is a holistic technique used to treat movement impairments and pain. The technique uses a dry needle inserted into the skin where the muscles are located. This does not require any injections or medications. Dry needling is often referred to as intramuscular manual therapy or trigger point dry needling. This is not the same thing as acupuncture. Acupuncture is based on ancient Chinese medicine. Dry needling is backed by research and considered modern Western medicine.

The Trigger Point

A trigger point is a band of tight skeletal muscles found in larger muscle groups. Trigger points are often extremely tender when touched and can cause pain anywhere in your body. The muscle knot can affect your performance, limit your motion and cause pain. If you do not receive treatment, the muscle knots will most likely become worse. Dry needling is a technique inserting a thin and sterile filament into your tight muscles to help increase your movement and relieve pain. Many individuals have reported a decrease in pain and improved mobility within 24 hours after completing the treatment. In many cases, a few treatment sessions are necessary. These are generally performed once per week for between two and three weeks for optimum and lasting results.

The Ultimate Goal of Dry Needling

Dry needling penetrates your skin using a thin filiform needle. This stimulates your connective and muscular tissues and the underlying myofascial trigger points. This enables the tissues causing your pain to be effectively targeted. In some cases, dry needling is used in conjunction with another therapy as part of your general treatment plan. The ultimate goal of dry needling is to inactivate or release the trigger points limiting your range of motion and causing your pain. Research supports dry needling as an effective way to decrease muscle tension and control pain.

Dry needling also normalizes the functions of your motor end plates. This is where your nerve impulses are sent to your muscles. This can help accelerate your rate of recovery and assist with active rehabilitation. It is important to note your chiropractor is extremely well educated in both therapeutic treatments and anatomy. This means they have the knowledge, skill and experience necessary to successfully relieve your pain and restore your range of motion using a more holistic approach. Many physicians recommend prescription drugs for pain. The problem is these drugs often contain opioids capable of causing serious side effects. Dry needling is a more natural and effective approach.

The Benefits of Dry Needling

If you are considering dry needling, you should be aware there are numerous benefits associated with this technique in addition to pain relief. Dry needling relaxes tight and sore muscles. Think of this technique as a way to reset your muscles. Your chiropractor can identify your trigger points or muscle knots. Dry needling can then be used to help your muscles retain their normal length. The technique is believed to work by altering your electrical activity in the targeted area. This causes a twitch response to effectively reset your muscles. The result is your muscles revert back to their normal resting length. This eliminates both the knot and your pain.

When your tight muscles are released, your blood flow will improve. When your muscles are too tight, you can feel pain anywhere in your body. Dry needling focuses on your trigger points using an extremely thin acupuncture needle. This is what causes your muscles to relax resulting in an improved blood flow. Neurotransmitters are released by dry needling. This causes your body to release opiate peptides such as dynorphins, enkephalins and beta-endorphins. These neurotransmitters help block pain information from being transmitted to your spinal cord and your brain. This helps decrease and block your pain.

Dry needling will help you start moving again by improving your range of motion. The majority of individual experiencing dry needling have seen an improvement in how much they are able to move and their range of motion. The improvement in movement is a direct result of the trigger points released by dry needling, the reduction in pain and the improved blood flow. If you are suffering from chronic pain, dry needling is an excellent option. The technique is used to treat a wide variety of pain including both chronic and acute. Dry needling is used to treat conditions including back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, neck pain, tennis or golf elbow, plantar fasciitis and sciatica. We can help you with your pain. Please call 205-637-1363 to get started.

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