How Is Treating Scoliosis Different Today Than Thirty Years Ago?

In the 21st-century, the treatment of scoliosis has advanced in almost immeasurable ways when we look back through history at some of the practices which were once used. In terms of the mainstream medical community, the way scoliosis is treated has barely changed over the last few decades; however, for researchers and members of the chiropractic community, the approach to scoliosis treatments is changing almost daily. New technologies and exciting approaches are emerging from countries such as Spain and Germany where new ways of combating the curvature of the spine constantly being uncovered.

Chiropractic manipulation has become one of the most successful and popular treatment options for those of you affected by scoliosis and its accompanying pain. In the Birmingham, Alabama region our chiropractor has become a well-known name for those of you affected by scoliosis. We believe the ability of you or your child affected by scoliosis to live a happy and pain-free life should be high on the list of requirements for all medical professionals. The combination of bracing and chiropractic care has allowed us to develop treatment plans designed to suit your needs and have positive results in terms of pain levels and Cobb Angle.

Scoliosis care is changing

Scoliosis treatments are difficult to measure for many medical professionals who have followed the guidelines designed around Cobb Angle results for more than the last three decades. Cob Angle results measure the level of curvature to the spine in scoliosis patients and only allow for a proactive plan of treatment to be undertaken when the degree of curvature reaches over 25 percent. The onset of idiopathic scoliosis usually occurs between the ages of 10 and 18 and is more prevalent in girls than boys, which means those of you first affected by the condition will have little work done by your physicians over the first period following diagnosis.

Our chiropractor has achieved excellent results using spinal manipulation as a way of limiting the onset of scoliosis and reducing the pain associated with a condition commonly affecting two to three percent of the U.S. Taking a different approach to scoliosis by using chiropractic techniques is one of the latest ways of treating patients who are affected by this form of issue.

Looking for new ways of treating scoliosis is of particular importance to those who believe the development of treatments from mainstream physicians stalled sometime in the mid-20th-century. Bracing still remains the most effective way of addressing scoliosis for those following the traditional route with this option dating back to the turn of the 20th-century. Despite the effectiveness of this approach, the problems you will face when following the traditional bracing treatment option include jaw pain, a lack of comfort, and the problem of sweating under a heavy brace.

If the level of curvature measured by Cobb Angle tests is seen to have reached 50 percent or more, the surgical option will be followed. The surgical option sees the insertion of metal rods into the spin to rectify some of the curvatures and try to limit any further curve occurring.

The use of bracing and surgery have remained the two principal ways of treating scoliosis for surgeons and medical doctors. Other approaches have been developed over the last few years, including the development of new, lightweight braces designed in locations such as Spain. These lightweight braces offer new, exciting options for you when you wish to treat your scoliosis without the problems of heavy, difficult to handle braces affecting every aspect of your life. Over the last thirty years, the development of braces has been moving forward with a range of new materials and designs making these more comfortable and less restrictive than earlier versions.

The development of new techniques to assist with the treatment of scoliosis has become one of the major areas of improvement over the last few decades. For many researchers, the use of nex exercises such as the Schroth exercises developed in Germany is changing the way we treat scoliosis. Coupling the latest developments in scoliosis treatments with chiropractic care should be high on your list of options for easing the pain felt by any child or adult affected by scoliosis.

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