How Many Sessions Do You Usually Need when Seeing a Chiropractor for Disc Protrusion?

A disc protrusion is a common factor in the aging process. It is also seen in athletes as well as those with very physical jobs. There are several different methods of treatment when it comes to disc protrusion. One of the best treatments out there is that of chiropractic care.

What is a Disc Protrusion?

Some people accidentally think that a disc protrusion is the same thing as a herniated disc. A herniated disc is where there is a crack in the outer layer of the disc. This is also known as an annulus. This allows the nucleus pulposus to come out of the crack. With a disc protrusion, there is no crack. It is just a bulge in the space. This condition affects more of the area of the disc than what a herniated disc does.

Symptoms of a Disc Protrusion

A disc protrusion can cause pain and other symptoms. These symptoms can range from mild to severe. Symptoms include: • Muscle weakness in the legs • Tingling or numbness in the legs • Problems with bladder function • Problems with bowel function • Hyper reflexivity • Paralysis below the hips • Deep pain in the shoulder • Radiating pain in the upper arm, forearms, and fingers • Pain when moving your neck • Leg pain • Back pain

How is Disc Protrusion Diagnosed?

If you have any of the above symptoms, you should make an appointment to be seen by your doctor as soon as possible. Several tests can be performed to determine whether or not you are suffering from a disc protrusion. A physical exam, as well as testing, will be needed. You will more than likely need a CT scan, MRI, or x-ray. Once your doctor has your results, he or she will go over various treatment options. Potential treatment options include pain management treatment, injections, surgery, or chiropractic care. You will need to take your time and consider what treatment option might be best for you.

Choosing Chiropractic Care

For many people, chiropractic care is the best option when it comes to treating a disc protrusion. This method is non-invasive and does not require the use of any injections or pharmaceuticals. Once you have your diagnosis, your chiropractor can create a course of action to help you recover from your disc protrusion. During your first visit, your chiropractor will sit down with you to go over your condition. They will want to know all about your medical history as well as do a physical exam. They will check your reflexes, nerve function as well as your muscle tone. The chiropractor may also order additional diagnostic testing like an MRI to get a better look at what is going on with your body.

Your chiropractor will not just treat your protruding disc. One of the best things about chiropractic care is that they treat your entire body. Your chiropractor will treat your disc protrusion, and they will also take a look at your spine to find any other issues. The chiropractor will treat your disc protrusion by manual manipulation. They will gently encourage the disc to go back into its original position. The chiropractor will also show you several different stretching exercises that you can do to help relieve the pain of the disc. They will also take a look at all the bones in your body to make sure you do not have issues anywhere else that may cause you problems in the future. They will work hard to get to the root of all of your health issues and strive to correct them. They will also give you nutritional recommendations, exercise routines, and self-care directions. This will help to aid in the healing process to make you feel great and be healthy.

How Long will My Care Take?

The number of visits you will need for your disc protrusion will depend on several factors. It will depend on the severity of the issues as well as whether or not the chiropractor has found additional problems. Typically, a disc protrusion can take up to three months to repair. In most cases, you may be seeing your chiropractor longer than that. If you want to maintain your health as well as prevent further issues, you may want to consider seeing your chiropractor regularly. Chiropractic care for disc protrusion is non-invasive, safe, and effective. If you think you have a disc protrusion, consider coming into our office at Integrative Chiropractic. Give us a call at 205-637-1363.

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