Is There an Alternative Scoliosis Treatment Without Surgery?

Scoliosis is a painful and sometimes embarrassing condition that is a result of a curved spine. The severity of the condition varies from person to person. Many doctors suggest surgery for curves 40 degrees or greater. However, surgery is inherently risky. Here are some non-surgical treatments to try before undergoing surgery.


Children in particular can benefit from braces as a cure for scoliosis. It works best in children since their bodies are still developing. The brace can be used to prevent the curvature in their spine from getting worse as they continue to grow rather than correct the problem. It’s a good idea to uses braces as soon as possible since the braces prevent more damage over time. The main negative to the brace is that it is bulky and very obvious to others. Many children don’t like the idea of using a brace since it can make them feel like an outcast.


Yoga has been shown to have a lot of physical benefits. Some of the main benefits of yoga include better posture and improved flexibility. These are two things that can really help someone with scoliosis. Some yoga positions can actually be damaging to the spine, so look for a yoga class specifically designed for people with scoliosis. These classes will teach students the most effective stretches and poses to assist the back.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is generally used after a person experiences an injury to get their body working like normal again. Recently, physical therapy has also been shown to be very helpful when it comes to scoliosis. Developed in Europe, the specific method used to help scoliosis is known as the Schroth Method. Patients go through a lot of hard work, but the method has a proven track record of success.

Vibration Therapy

When the body experiences small levels of distress, it automatically goes into healing mode. That’s how vibration therapy works. It causes movement in the body to help stimulate healing properties. Most treatments only take about fifteen minutes a couple of times a day. This is great for people who aren’t able to workout due to pain. Some people also opt for a TENS machine that sends small electrical pulses through your back. This works the same way as the vibrations therapy by causing the body to go into healing mode. You can buy your own personal TENS machine to help your back relax whenever you’re feeling pain throughout the day.


Chiropractors are the people to go to for back issues. While it may seem intimidating since they crack the neck and back, they know exactly what to do to have you walking out feeling much better. Chiropractors who treat patients with scoliosis look for the area of the back where it seems especially tense and tries to relax those areas to increase mobility and reduce pain. Before treatment, a chiropractor will examine the patient areas in three areas: dedication of the patient, communication between the brain and body, and the current condition of the patient’s back. Certain chiropractic treatments can actually cause damage to the back. For this reason, it’s best to go to a chiropractor who specifically works with scoliosis. Also, be open and honest about your condition with the chiropractor.

Take Supplements

What we put into our body plays a big role in how our body works. The bones require the right vitamins and minerals to function its best. People with scoliosis should make a conscious effort to consume things designed to make their body work well. Eat foods full of vitamin C and calcium in particular. Milk and yogurt are full of vitamin D. Oranges and a number of other fruits are filled with vitamin C. You can also look for supplements at your local drug store that contains these items. There may even be supplements specifically designed for back health.

The above methods are all powerful ways to help patients with scoliosis. However, it’s a good idea to utilize a number of alternative treatments to get the best results. The more things you try, the more likely you will find the thing that works best for you. Call us today at 205-637-1363.

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