Should you see a doctor or chiropractor for back pain?

There are a large number of people around the world that suffer from back pain. Sometimes it’s the result of picking up something that’s too heavy and the pain doesn’t last very long. However, there are times when back pain is ongoing, severe and includes a range of other symptoms. For instance, if you have back pain that includes tingling in either your arms or legs, it’s a good idea to visit a doctor. The same applies to back pain that’s so severe that it interferes with your ability to sleep or participate in daily activities. The question of whether to visit a doctor or a chiropractor isn’t always an either/or situation. Sometimes you should start out with a visit to your doctor to find out if there is a conservative solution that can resolve your back pain. However, there are a good number of people that make the decision to initially visit a chiropractor because the only solution they want is one that does not involve surgery.

When you choose chiropractic care as a solution to the back pain, you’re choosing spinal manipulation, which has been proven to be a viable and highly effective treatment for different types of back pain. This includes low back pain, which is the most common type of back pain. When a chiropractor treats back issues, they have the proficiency to address problems related to many areas of the spine, such as the thoracic spine, the cervical spine and the lumbar spine. While most people have pain in their lower back, it’s possible to have pain in the upper back and neck that can benefit from a chiropractic adjustment. If you have pain that’s chronic, it could make sense to visit a doctor for a diagnosis. However, a chiropractor also has the capabilities to pinpoint the problem and establish a plan of care. In fact, chiropractors have the knowledge to work on other areas of the body, such as the shoulders and knees.

How Chiropractic Care Relieves Back Pain

Of the many benefits associated with seeing a chiropractor is the fact that it isn’t surgery, which can be painful. You also won’t have to endure injections, which are often used to treat back pain when you visit a doctor. There’s also the fact that some surgeries performed for back pain are not totally successful. In fact, most people would rather choose chiropractic care to avoid the risks associated with a surgical procedure. Notably, there are other potential solutions, such as pain medication and physical therapy. Although surgery might seem like a quick fix to some people, there’s a greater chance of complications than what’s possible with some of the other conservative options mentioned. Some of the many benefits of working with a chiropractor are as follows:

  • Fast spinal adjustments
  • Ability to identify beneficial lifestyle changes
  • Provide a solution less painful than surgery

During a consultation, some chiropractors might recommend changes to your workspace so that it’s ergonomically sound. Sometimes there are daily activities that can be changed to alleviate pain in your back and other areas of your body. Instead of having surgery, you may simply need to wear a back brace and engage in strength training after having a chiropractic adjustment. Sometimes the issue is sitting in front of a computer for too long and reducing your screen time can mitigate the pain. A chiropractor can help you pinpoint the root of the problem and make adjustments that will provide intermediate relief. The thing about chiropractic care is that the risk is lower than surgery since an issue that occurs during a surgical procedure could cause irreversible damage. With chiropractic care, you can take the time needed to restore your body and eliminate pain with less risk involved. Another tremendous benefit of chiropractic care is that adjustments are not painful. If your goal is to get back to life as usual, chiropractic care is a good solution because there isn’t a long healing process like there is with surgical procedures.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution since every situation is different. All of the factors discussed should be considered as you endeavor to alleviate the pain you have in your body. Call us at 205-637-1363 to find out more about how a chiropractor can help you get back to normal. Whether you decide to use a doctor or a chiropractor, we can provide you with further insights and considerations.

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