What Are the Most Common Scoliosis Symptoms in Children?

If your child has symptoms of scoliosis, it could mean that they have a serious medical condition that needs treatment. However, you might be wondering what the symptoms are. That way you can identify it and get them the help they need so they don’t experience a lot of pain or challenges going forward as they grow. Here is what you should know:

Uneven Hips

If your child has uneven hips, then this is a telltale sign of scoliosis. You can tell if they have a limp or an odd gait as they walk, as well as if they are standing in one place but one leg appears to be shorter than the other. This will lead to hip pain in the future and the inability to walk, run, or play sports like a normal child if left untreated.

Uneven Shoulder Blades

Another common symptom of scoliosis in children is having shoulder blades that are uneven. If one shoulder blade is sitting higher or lower than the other, then this is typically due to spinal alignment being off. Because of scoliosis, the shoulder blades will be attached at different lengths. Chiropractic assistance can help to reduce pain from this symptom if done under a qualified professional.

One Shoulder Blade Sticking Out More Than the Other

If you look at your child straight on, you should not notice a difference in how one shoulder blade sticks out versus the other one. When the shoulders are not even, this means that there is a structural issue related to the spine. This is where the shoulder blades (clavicles) actually attach. If you notice this, you should request to visit your trusted chiropractor in Alabama to help ease the pain and discomfort your child will feel as a result of crooked shoulder blades.

A Spine that Rotates

Normal spines will go almost completely up and down. There will be a slight change or curvature near the base of the spine. However, those children who suffer from scoliosis have spines that severely rotate, pushing on nerves and causing pain.

Breathing or Lung Problems

Scoliosis creates compression on the rib cage. Because of this, the lungs inside the rib cage are compressed and distorted. They do not have as much room to expand or contract, leading to pain, limited breathing, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

Back Pain

If your child complains of back pain, then scoliosis could be the cause. It causes the discs in the back to press on nerves. Powerful nerves run near the spine. If they are touched, they will send constant pain signals to the brain. This is made worse when the child walks. Every time they take a step, the spine is getting more compression. Without proper devices, spinal manipulation, and followup care this pain could continue to get worse for them.

More Holistic Healing Options

Considering the pain and difficult to trace symptoms, surgery is often a suggestion by some doctors. However, surgery can bring with it its own set of risks. Of course, there is also the cost to consider. The reality is that it is not necessary. Holistic chiropractic healing invokes a number of methodologies. This includes machines to help twist the spine in a healthy manner, stretching, massages, structural realignment, and other methods that relieve tension along the spine and take away pressure on the nerves, which can cause these conditions in the first place. This, combined with consistent treatment in other areas, can be a path to healing. It can take away your child’s pain so they can enjoy all of the things they should be able to as a child. This is the power of a holistic approach. When it comes to your child, you want nothing more than for them to live healthily and happily. So when you notice that they might have some of the symptoms of scoliosis above, you want to do anything you can to help them. If your child does have scoliosis or its symptoms, there is hope. Through proper chiropractic treatment, they can be relieved of their pain and their condition can be made better over time. And they can have all of this without surgery. If you are seeking help for your child who is suffering from scoliosis symptoms, we can help. Contact Dr. Ryan Russell at 205-637-1363, your trusted chiropractor for Hoover and Birmingham, Alabama. He can help with whiplash, general chiropractic, scoliosis, structural correction, and other spinal issues.

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