What Can a Birmingham Chiropractor Do for Your Back Pain

If lower back pain is a constant annoyance in your life and you have gone to professionals without any success and are still looking for a treatment, look towards chiropractors for your relief. Chiropractors provide a safe and effective treatment for pain management that works to solve the problem without the use of pain medication. Chiropractors in Birmingham are able to target the root cause of their patient’s problems and reduce or eliminate the pain in the lower part of the spine.

Chiropractors fix subluxations, misalignments of the spine, that are the reason for many individual’s reoccurring back pain. Through chiropractic methods, the spine is realigned after a few visits.

For the average individuals going on with their daily lives, they might start to have back issues. Sitting for long periods of time or carrying/lifting heavy objects can lead to a spine vertebra sliding out of place. This movement from the norm will apply pressure to a spinal nerve, and thus the individual will feel a sensation of pain in their lower back specifically. Additionally, the muscles around that misaligned vertebra might spasm, leading to more pain and trouble for the individual, exacerbating their condition. Today, there are many pain medications on the market that allows people to return to a more pain free life, as long as they continue to take the pills.

Taking pain medication isn’t a sustainable solution. The cause of the pain isn’t going anywhere, but is actually getting worse as the individual ignores the symptoms. The drugs only last for a short period of time (about a 24-hr. period), and the pain will return, reminding you that your lower back is not aligned. So what can be done?

A good chiropractor can provide the needed adjustment to take off the pressure on the nerves. The patient will feel less pain overtime and gain more mobility in their back. A type of pain chiropractors are known of alleviating is sciatica pain. Sciatica pain is a condition in which shooting and numbing pain are felt in the lower back, butt, and possible the legs. A misaligned spine vertebra compresses the sciatic nerve, one of the largest nerves in the body, leading to a strong sensation of pain that can be felt in the lower regions of the body.

Methods to Combat Lower Back Pain

Birmingham chiropractors equip many pain-relieving methods such as the following:

  • stretching
    massage therapy
    chiropractic adjustments

These are all-natural treatments to help eliminate your back pain. They customize each treatment to each individual patient’s needs. Surgery can be very scary for some and might leave individuals feeling worse after the operation. After surgery, the individual also might have to undergo weeks of rehabilitation in order to regain their mobility again.

Sometimes all it takes is just a stretching routine to relieve pain. Our lives are moving us towards being sedentary, as we work long hours sitting in front of a computer screen. Or your job is physically demanding where bending over and squatting is a daily activity. Chiropractors can put you on a stretching program to see if that is a simple solution for you, as it puts you in the center of owning your health and taking the time to care for your body. Paired with muscle massages, the spasms will go away as more blood flow is supplied to the area, increasing the healing effect.

Continued poor posture will increase the likelihood of feeling pain in the lower back if the problem rises again. Compression of the lower back can push a vertebra out of alignment, especially as one gets older and slacks off on their flexibility regimen. Standing and sitting tall will ensure that back pain stays away. Sleeping on a better mattress that aligns all parts of the spine with a slight raise at the neck and head is optimal for back health. Working out and building a strong core is another way to support the back, as the muscles are pivotal for maintaining spinal alignment.

You have tried many other options and they have not come to fruition, nut you want your pain to end. A Birmingham chiropractor may the way to go for you. It is a safe health practice to get an opinion on how to go about relieving one’s back pain. Even if you are suffering back pain after having back surgery, chiropractors will help you with their natural relief methods.

To learn more about the benefits a chiropractor can have on your lower back pain, contact a Birmingham chiropractor today at 205-637-1363

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