What Can a Birmingham Chiropractor Help With?

The use of chiropractic care is something you should consider for a range of issues as this form of treatment has been moving into the mainstream of medical science for a number of years. The attitude of medical experts to complementary medicines has been changing in the last few decades to such an extent the guidelines for low back pain from the American College of Physicians includes chiropractic care as an expected form of treatment. There is a range of ways you will find help from a professional, experienced chiropractor, which are far more than just relief from lower back pain.

When you make your way to a chiropractor you are taking the first steps towards living a healthier, happier life usually free from intense pain. Spinal manipulation is the process the majority of patients associated with the chiropractor and is usually completed in a bid to relieve a specific blockage which can limit the passage of blood and messages from the brain. Realigning the spine using corrective techniques has already been used as a form of treatment for our patients across the Birmingham, Alabama area who are looking for relief from pain and many forms of medical concerns which have limited their ability to live what is usually seen as a normal life.

It is important to utilize the best chiropractic techniques and the latest in technology which we believe can assist in developing a treatment plan designed for the needs of each patient. The treatment of whiplash and other issues caused by a car accident has moved forward over the last few years with new technologies identifying problem areas of the spine which can be corrected using advanced chiropractic manipulation. It is common for those involved in a car wreck to have their spinal system damaged for a prolonged period of time with little relief found from a family doctor. Our chiropractor will seek out the exact location of the injury and look to use their skills to devise a plan to treat the pain and reduce your level of suffering.

A chiropractor can help with many medical conditions

It is common for the majority of those considering obtaining the assistance of a chiropractor to look for help with their areas of chronic pain, but our chiropractor can assist with a range of medical conditions. One of the most common and productive areas of help our patients often arrive looking for is that f chronic migraines in many areas of our patient’s life. If you are suffering from debilitating migraines leaving you with difficulties speaking, seeing, and using your sense of smell our chiropractor has the skills to offer some relief. Chiropractic manipulation is one of the most popular ways of seeking assistance with migraines with firm science to back up the many claims made.

In the 21st-century, we are all looking to live as healthily as possible with exercise becoming a daily part of the regime the majority of us undertake on a regular basis. Sports injuries are becoming an increasingly common occurrence with many of our patients seeking assistance with injuries obtained while running or taking part in aerobic exercise. Our patients are often seeking chiropractic care to assist with healing injuries and to speed their recovery by improving the movement of blood and messages from the brain to various parts of the body.

The used of chiropractic care to aid with the pain associated with some medical conditions have been on the rise in recent years with one of the main areas of research being seen in peripheral neuropathy. This is a common cause of pain for those affected by diabetes who make their way to our Hoover, Alabama offices. Peripheral Neuropathy is a problem seen by many patients with diabetes who suffer from a series of issues including tingling and numbness in their extremities. Recent studies have shown chiropractic care can assist with this form of chronic pain which we now believe can be treated with a more natural holistic approach.

These are not the only areas our Birmingham, Alabama-based chiropractor can assist with. Among the areas of treatment you can contact us about are:

  • Sciatica
  • Neck pain
  • Herniated discs
  • Nerve compression
  • Some forms of stroke

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