What Is The Graston Technique And How Does It Help?

Injuries to the soft tissues are often both frustrating and debilitating. One of the most effective treatments for all soft tissue conditions including post-surgical, acute and chronic is the Graston Technique. The instruments and technique enable you to have fascial restrictions and scar tissue treated during your rehabilitation. This results in a quicker rehabilitation with a higher rate of success. The technique can eliminate your pain and restore your range of motion and normal functions. This is a unique, evidence based treatment using specialized instruments for soft tissue mobilization. The treatment efficiently and effectively addresses fascial restrictions and soft tissue lesions to offer you an improved outcome.

The instruments used for the Graston Technique are specially designed using stainless steel. The angles and treatment edges have a unique design to provide a more effective way to deliver manual therapy. When an appropriate therapeutic exercise is combined with the instruments used for this technique, the result is movement and function with no pain. The diagnostic use of these instruments efficiently asses the kinetic chain. The clinician is able to detect and treat any restrictions and scar tissue that are impacting your normal functions. The Graston Technique has been effective in treating numerous conditions including:

• Scar tissue
• Neck pain including cervical strain and sprains
• Hip pain
• Trigger finger
• de Quervain’s syndrome
• Heel pain such as plantar fasciitis
• Women’s health issues including Cesarean scarring and post-mastectomy
• Cervical pain
• Joint sprain
• Wrist pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome
• Epicondylosis
• Ankle Pain including Achilles tendinosis and tendinitis
• Iliotibial or IT band syndrome
• Back pain including lumbar strain and sprain
• Shoulder pain including rotator cuff tendinitis and tendinosis
• Fibromyalgia
• Golfers elbow including medial epicondyitis and epicondylosis
• Injuries to the hamstring
• Shin splints
• Tennis elbow including lateral epicondyitis and epicondylosis
• Knee pain including patellofemoral disorders

The Benefits of the Graston Technique

One of the best benefits of the Graston Technique is the results become obvious quickly. Significant results should be achieved for both acute and chronic issues within six to twelve treatments. The majority of individuals who have this treatment will see results within a fairly short period of time. If you have ever worked out at the gym you are familiar with DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness. DOMS can leave your body feeling achy and sore. One of the benefits of this method, is it helps your body to heal itself. This means you should not only see an improvement in your range of motion, but a significant decrease in the sensation of DOMS. This is the reason numerous sports teams and professional athletes prefer this treatment. The additional benefits include:

• A potential reduction in the time necessary for treatment
• Decreases the need for medication with anti-inflammatory properties
• Restores function to chronic and acute injuries
• Encourages faster recovery and rehabilitation
• Suitable and effective for post-surgical and pre-surgical patients
• All clinicians offering this technique have received specialty training
• Chronic conditions believed to be permanent can often be resolved
• Throughout the history of the Graston Technique, 87 percent of all conditions treated have been fully resolved

The Graston Technique uses pressure designed to activate specific nerve fibers and the sensory receptors of the body. This includes proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors. When both of these receptors are activated, your body will receive help strengthening and repairing your muscles. The technique is effective for improving function and decreasing pain. Numerous studies have been conducted regarding this technique in addition to using instruments to achieve soft tissue mobilization. The results revealed significant clinical improvement in both function and pain reduction. When a comparison was made between the more conservative treatments and the Graston Technique, the patients receiving the latter increased movement and experienced less pain.

The Graston Technique is effective for treating a wide variety of different types of pain including chronic and acute. This method is often used in conjunction with a larger treatment plan for managing and treating the symptoms of numerous conditions such as traumatic and surgical scars, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tendinitis and neck pain. In order to obtain the instruments required for the Graston Technique, all clinicians must be accredited and trained through the Graston Technique basic course. Once training is complete, the clinicians can use the technique for the treatment of:

• Painful scars
Lower back pain
• Plantar fasciitis
• Muscle strain
• Post fracture pain
• Tendinosis

If you are suffering from any of the above conditions, this may be your solution. Please call 205-637-1363 to get started.

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