Who Is Eligible for Treatment at an Integrative Chiropractic Center?

Living with chronic pain can be downright frustrating. Fortunately, however, integrative chiropractic care can alleviate this discomfort while additionally eliminating the need for invasive surgeries and extended use of prescription pain medications. This type of care represents a coordinated effort among many specialized professionals who can each add value to the patient’s treatment plan. In an integrative treatment environment, those with chronic pain or other musculoskeletal problems will have access to the greatest range of needs-specific therapies, tools, and information.

When you visit a general chiropractic clinic, a strong emphasis will be placed upon identifying and resolving spinal subluxations. These are areas of the spine that have been forced out of alignment. They lie at the heart of pinched nerve pain, many tension headaches, joint stiffness, muscle soreness, and even moderate loss of mobility among many other problems. While manual adjustments are an important part of many chiropractic treatment plans, these hands-on techniques for manipulating the spine can be infinitely more effective when paired with other remedies. As such, an integrative chiropractic center leverages a much more diverse range of skills, therapeutic equipment types, and treatment strategies to promote wellness, thereby taking a whole-health or holistic approach to helping patients achieve their goals.

Integrated chiropractic care entails a significant amount of collaboration all throughout the treatment process. In certain instances, this approach can be absolutely critical for achieving success. For instance, people who suffer from the pain and limited movement of the carpal tunnel can choose to undergo corrective surgery by working with conventional doctors. Surgical treatment for carpal tunnel aims only to eliminate pressure on the median nerve. As such, it will not address this condition at any one of its many possible sources. Conversely, integrative chiropractic considers the likelihood of general health issues such as diabetes, hormone fluctuations, and high blood pressure which are widely known to contribute to or even cause carpal tunnel. When these underlying causes are properly managed or resolved, efforts to reduce median nerve pressure, whether surgical or non-invasive and therapeutic, can become significantly more effective. In fact, in instances in which an integrative and multi-pronged approach is taken to treatment, patients can live symptom-free and pain-free far longer. Moreover, many people are able to avoid invasive surgeries altogether.

Discover The Many Benefits Of Integrative Chiropractic Care

If you’ve been living with chronic pain of any type, and have yet to find the right non-invasive solution, integrative chiropractic care could be best for you. These services allow patients to get customized and needs-specific care that’s rarely possible to obtain in more generalized treatment environments. In addition to computer-assisted or manual adjustments for correcting spinal subluxations, integrative chiropractic centers can also provide:

  • Massage therapy for physical and emotional stress relief
  • Ultrasound therapy for alleviating inflammation and pain
  • Trigger point injections
  • Dietary advice and assistance with supplementation
  • Postural correction
  • Inversion table therapy for releasing spinal tension
  • Targeted muscle training for preventing injury, improving strength, and establishing good balance

The more specialized skills that are offered in a single practice; the more diversified the available services will ultimately be. Not only does this allow for holistic and comprehensive treatment plans, but it also gives each patient the opportunity to find therapies that he or she is comfortable with. For example, if you have a pinched or compressed nerve and are too nervous to have your spine manually adjusted, chiropractors can leverage techniques such as inversion and massage therapy to restore spinal alignment in a natural and comfortable way. In instances in which patients are overweight and excess pressure and stress are contributing to improper alignment, dietary guidance and other weight management strategies can be supplied as well. Given that each patient is different, the ability to streamline treatment plans according to specific needs allows for the most effective and expedient level of care possible.

Anyone can receive treatment at an integrative chiropractic center. The care offered in these environments is perfect for those who are recovering from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, trip and fall accidents, and many other jarring, impact injuries. It is also great for consumers who are experiencing chronic pain caused by repetitive motion activities, work-related lifting, poor posture, excess body weight, and other health and lifestyle-related issues. Some people simply use these services for ongoing stress management. No matter what your condition or concerns maybe, we can help. To get started on the path to total wellness, call our office at 205-637-1363 right now.

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