Who Should Go to a Montgomery Chiropractor?

If you live in the Montgomery, Alabama area and have been affected by any form of pain you may benefit from a visit to our chiropractor’s office. One of the reasons why people just like you are not making their way to visit our chiropractor is a lack of knowledge of what forms of pain can be treated by these skilled medical professionals. Our chiropractic office is available to treat a range of problems from chronic pain and medical conditions which you may not be aware can be treated by a chiropractor.

Among the conditions which can be treated with the aid of a chiropractor are:

  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Scoliosis

These are just a few of the conditions our office has treated with a number of other people looking to maintain a better quality of health and well-being. The main form of treatment offered by a chiropractor is spinal manipulation, which can be used to adjust the spine to realign it to achieve its maximum potential. A realigned spine can allow for proper blood flow around the body, a greater level of success for the central nervous system, and increased flow of messages from the brain to the extremities.

Although spinal manipulation is a popular form of therapy used by our chiropractor, you may find other options are explored by our team to improve your overall health. Among the options, a chiropractor may call upon including hot and cold therapies, massages, and the use of new technologies designed to relieve pain.

Should you see our Montgomery, Alabama chiropractor?

If you are being affected by some form of pain you should look at all the options available to you to relieve your pain and get back to a normal life. When you first contact our office we will check to make sure you are a good candidate for spinal manipulation or some other form of treatment we offer.

Among the different conditions we treat are the commonly caused injuries usually associated with car accidents. Any trauma caused by a car wreck will cause some form of shock to the spine and neck with whiplash injuries among the most commonly seen. Many of these injuries are caused by the shifting of your body during the trauma of a car accident which can often be treated by spinal manipulation or corrective adjustments. As the issue of narcotic pain relief continues to be discussed around the nation, the ability to relieve pain without medications which could cause addiction and longterm problems should always be explored.

Our chiropractic office has a range of options for those who would like to explore the different treatment options open to them as they try to combat the effects of scoliosis. Our chiropractor is a specialist in scoliosis treatments, which are generally seen as a C or S shape to the spine base don the Cobb scoring method. The angle of curvature is measured to give an insight into the rate of curvature with our expert chiropractor looking to find the best answers to treating this common issue. Recent studies have shown the success rate for reducing the curvature of the spine associated with scoliosis and the resulting pain is high with chiropractic treatment options.

Back pain is probably the most common reason for patients to visit our Hoover, Alabama offices as issues such as herniated discs and lower back pain can be treated with spinal manipulation and other common therapies. herniated or bulging discs are known as causing great pain in the area of the back they are located within and are treated by many surgeons with invasive techniques. Our chiropractic office offers non-invasive options to treat your bulging disc which can reduce levels of pain and encourage the disc to return to its original location in the spine.

There are many other people who should look for the assistance of our Hoover, Alabama chiropractic office including those who are affected by sports injuries, neck pain, and migraines. Relief from the pain usually associated with a range of back problems including sciatica and the chronic pain caused by pressure on the nerves can be successfully treated by our chiropractor.

When your pain or medical conditions are causing you problems you should check if you can be helped by our Birmingham, Alabama chiropractor by calling 205-637-1363.

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