Who Works at a Birmingham, AL Chiropractic Center?

The chiropractic office is gradually gaining popularity with many going to seek remedies for pain relief. You have probably been injured from an accident, have an underlying medical condition that triggers back pain or just a blunt, unexplained kind of pain. The chiropractic center is equipped with the right tools and staff to help you improve your quality of life. So, who works at the chiropractic center? Let’s find out.


A chiropractor is a physician who specializes in correcting the neuromusculoskeletal system. This system includes tendons, bones, nerves, muscles, and ligaments. A doctor of chiropractic ideally undergoes intense training in spinal adjustment and manipulation techniques. They also specialize in offering other clinical interventions such as dietary guidelines and condition-specific exercises to manage various health concerns.

Responsibilities of a chiropractor

Chiropractors are the pivotal workforce in a chiropractic center. They are in charge of examining a patient’s medical condition by reviewing your medical history and performing an examination. A chiropractor will personally analyze a patient’s spine, posture, and reflexes and conduct tests using X Rays. He or she will then proceed to offer therapy which entails on adjusting the spinal column and other adjacent joints and muscles. Depending on how you respond to the remedy, the doctor of chiropractic may give additional treatments such as hot and cold therapy. If need be, the chiropractor may refer you to other physicians for more treatment.

A chiropractor will also advise on your lifestyle and health issues and recommend better exercises, sleeping postures and habits, and nutrition.

The quality of treatment you receive in a chiropractic center highly depends on the qualities of the chief chiropractor in charge of your therapy. Be sure to research on their qualifications, licensing, and skills before heading into the center for treatment.

Chiropractic assistant

A chiropractic assistant can simply be described as the blood vessel in a chiropractic office. You are likely to talk and interact with a chiropractic assistant as the first central staff member before getting to the doctor of chiropractic. Tasks in this field do not require intense training and formal education, but they need an individual who possesses strong communication and administrative skills.

Responsibilities of a chiropractic assistant

The primary duty of a chiropractic assistant is to give chiropractors a helping hand in the office. These duties include following up with patients, handling medical billing and coding, and answering phone calls. They could also register new patients and lead the way before being introduced to the chiropractor. The assistant is also responsible for handling patient files, keeping track of office supplies, and transferring patients to various departments. Should he or she have additional skills, maintaining inventories could also be a duty in their job descriptions? Basically, any assignment that involves office organization and administrative functions can be assigned to a chiropractic assistant.

Chiropractic receptionist

Some chiropractic centers have a receptionist whose main responsibility is receiving guests and patients. They help keep the image of the facility inappropriate states. In most cases, receptionists need to have excellent customer service and the flexibility to multitask seamlessly.

Responsibilities of a chiropractic receptionist

A receptionist is ordained with the duty of interacting with patients directly. He or she records appointments before handling them to the assistant for scheduling and postponement. They provide patients with information about the services offered in the chiropractic center. In case of emergencies, the receptionist aids patients by responding and coordinating calls to act diligently. Through maintaining the confidentiality of financial and personal information, he or she protects the rights of patients.

The chiropractic receptionist sits at the reception area ready to coordinate the inner office with patients.

Business Coordinator

Now that we have explored the administrative side of a chiropractic center, it needs a business coordinator or general manager. A general manager works to ensure that the business section of a chiropractic center runs smoothly.

Responsibilities of a business coordinator

A business coordinator ensures that all business operations in a chiropractic center are running smoothly. If the company has a website or marketing tools to attract more clients, this is going to be the manager’s specialty. Anything that involves money matters within the business entity is rightly entitled to the business coordinator.

The chiropractic center of your choice should have the staff members mentioned above to provide quality services. Research into their qualifications to ensure that you are getting the best chiropractic care. Contact us today at 205-637-1363 for a consultation session with our best chiropractor and let us assist you, to get your painless life back.

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