Will a Chiropractor for Headaches Fix My Tension Headaches?

It is no surprise that most Americans are stressed beyond belief. With careers, raising families, and constant social demands, we seem to have less time than previous generations. Is it any wonder that tension headaches top many lists of health complaints?

Do you often feel a relentless pounding in your head and temples from stress? Chronic headaches may be migraines or a symptom of an underlying health disorder. Consult your doctor about the treatment options that are best for you. If your pains are from stress, a chiropractor may bring some relief. Consider some of these common chiropractic recommendations.

Improve Poor Posture

Remember how your parents always urged you to sit up straight and walk tall? They were instructing you for a good reason. Doctors tell us that how we care for our bones and joints have a direct relationship with conditions like tension headaches. If you have reoccurring headaches, notice how you sit, walk, or lie down. Slumping in the neck and shoulders are key triggers for head and neck pain.

Stress can build up in your muscles and joints and may make your headaches regular. An experienced chiropractor can manipulate stressed bones and soft tissue affected by poor posture. The doctor can also share tips on how to maintain good posture and have less frequent headaches.

Learn Tension-Reducing Exercises

Do you have a job that keeps you bound to a desk and computer for most of the day? Sedimentary jobs can wreak havoc on your bones, joints, and muscles. You are also more likely to battle tension headaches, especially in stressful careers. Several factors may contribute to your throbbing head. Staring at a computer for hours, craning your neck with a phone, and slouching in a small chair, keep your body tired, sore, and stressed. After a bit of time, your bones and muscles may become damaged. Added tension from job duties does not help any.

The good news is that you do not need to quit your job to find headache relief. Not only can chiropractors adjust and realign your spine and other joints, but they can demonstrate specific daily exercises to strengthen your body and reduce tension headaches. These simple exercises can be completed right in your home or office. Some joint maneuvers that chiropractors recommend include neck rolls, stretches, and short periods of standing.

The doctor will probably suggest ways to recognize tension headache triggers and how to remedy them with better posture and movement. Many chiropractors say that a little walk around the block on lunch break may reduce the stress in your body and keep headaches at bay.

Identify Headache Triggers at Home

Not all tension-related headaches can be blamed on your job. You may be exacerbating excruciating bone, muscle, and nerve pain while relaxing or having fun at home. Are you an avid video game player? The strain of watching a screen and using video controllers can cramp muscles and leave you with a headache.

Lying on the couch or the floor while watching television can also trigger difficulties. Your chiropractor can show you ways to stay healthy and pain-free and still enjoy your favorite past-times at home.

Do you often wake up in the mornings with exhaustion, muscle stiffness, and a pounding headache? Chiropractors know that these ailments may stem from inadequate mattresses, pillows, and wrong sleeping positions. Consult your doctor about bed and pillow types that are best for reducing body soreness and head pain.

One of the reasons the chiropractor must continually adjust your neck is if you sleep on your stomach with your head twisted on the pillow. Discuss finding better sleeping positions that will alleviate the tension on your head and neck.

Pinpoint Environmental Tension

When you feel nervous and tense, notice how rigid and unnatural your entire body feels. If your body is in a constant state of unease, it will eventually cause systemic pain and chronic tension headaches. While it is impossible to eliminate all stress from your life, you can significantly reduce it with practice and lifestyle changes. With medical advice and chiropractic care, you can discover how to deal with stress more effectively.

Instead of allowing your body to retain constant tension, your chiropractor can teach you ways to reduce it. Not only do these proactive steps help you mentally but using them may mean better health and fewer tension headaches. If you do not have a regular chiropractor, then call us today at 205-637-1363. We can schedule you an evaluation to treat your tension headaches naturally.

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