Will Scoliosis Treatment Help with Back Pain?

Scoliosis is a medical condition that is identified by an abnormal curvature of the spine. If you have this condition, then you likely experience consistent pain and discomfort. This can prevent you from doing the things you want in life. You might be wondering if scoliosis treatment can help with back pain. Here is what you should know:

Rethinking Scoliosis

Scoliosis is actually a disease associated with your muscles and tissues. It is not in the skeleton itself. This disorder causes the muscles to tweak the positioning of your spine. Due to this, it causes a number of signs of discomfort:

  • Back Pain
  • Low Flexibility
  • Stiffness

and more. In addition to this, 80% of scoliosis is not attached to a specific source of the problem. The origin is unknown. A variety of factors can happen during birth or childhood that affect the spine. It can be difficult to pin down the exact cause.


You might be wondering if you have scoliosis. The reality is that even if you have not been diagnosed with it yet, there are some signs that you could have it. If you have constant back pain for no reason, then this is the primary warning sign. Another thing you need to be aware of is if you have stiffness in your lower back, even when you are not doing the heavy activity. This means that your muscles or spine might not be properly aligned. Thirdly, there is a visual sign of scoliosis. If you have a very apparent curvature of your spine that does not look normal, then you could have it. Any of these symptoms mean you might have lifelong pain if you don’t seek the right remedy out that can help you. The good news is that you can have relief from your back pain with the right treatment.

Treatment Options

There are a number of treatment options available to you. You do not have to settle for simply getting surgery. This is the number one mistake that most people make. They think they have to go this route when it is not true in reality. Before considering going under the knife, a qualified chiropractor can help you with a treatment plan that is catered to you. For instance, there are machines that allow you to practice moving your back in a comfortable way while stretching the muscles. By doing this, you are releasing a lot of the tightness that you have been living with. The result is that you have more of a sense of ease. There are also special devices that can align your spine back to its normal and natural way. This will help the discs in your backstop compressing against each other. Thus, you will experience relief from pain in a way that is not possible with other methods. Finally, in addition to that, special massage and muscle manipulation can release the muscle system around the spine to create greater comfort. This takes a skilled chiropractor to know how to safely, effectively, and comfortably do this in a way that improves your health without making the symptoms of your scoliosis worse, so make sure to have a professional handle this.

Lifestyle Enhancement

Imagine walking in the park with your family. Or perhaps you are playing a round of golf with your friends, something you haven’t been able to do for years. This is the kind of lifestyle adjustment you can enjoy once you enhance it by being free of your back pain. Scoliosis is not a life sentence, it can be treated.

Natural Approach

A natural approach, with plenty of vitamins and other supplements in your diet, is the best policy. When you combine this with treatment, your body does its job better. You start to feel less pain, more comfort, and more peace of mind. If you are suffering from back pain due to scoliosis or another back condition, it can be life-altering. However, there is hope. You can receive treatment that helps with your back pain. It will let you get back to your normal self so you can reclaim your life, your hobbies, and the work that you are passionate about without all the pain.Dr. Russell offers a structural correction, general chiropractic services, whiplash treatment, and more in Hoover, AL, and Birmingham, AL. If you have scoliosis or other back pain issues, contact the office of Dr. Ryan Russell today at 205-637-1363 for a consultation.

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