Can I use a foam roller in place of a chiropractor?

There is nothing enjoyable about trying to live life with minor aches and pains. Anyone who finds themselves faced with doing this usually ends up having a lower quality of life.

When aches and pains occur, you do have the ability to do something about it, and it doesn’t always have to involve a trip to your primary care physician. If the source of your aches and pains seems to involve bones, muscles, or nerves, a trip to a local chiropractor might be in order.

Of course, no one would blame you if you try to resolve your physical issues through other means. If you look on the internet, you will see lots of diets and exercise programs that claim following them will lead you to wellness. Truthfully, many of the wellness options you see on the internet are only marginally useful. They might help some people under some circumstances but seldom do they offer viable solutions for a majority of the people.

We draw your attention to one popular device that is being promoted as a great way to deal with muscle and skeletal issues. The foam roller has quickly gained momentum as a great and safe way to relieve muscle problems and skeletal alignment issues.

Regardless of brand, a foam roller is a heavy-duty cylinder or half cylinder wrapped in a foam material. It can range from one to two feet in length, which makes it easy to carry, use, and store.

With each brand, the manufacturer provides instructions regarding the various exercises someone can do to tone muscles, relieve pinched nerves, and perhaps help bring their skeletal system back into alignment. The exercises are typically done as floor exercises where the foam roller is used as a device to enable specific movements. Each of these specific exercises is intended to target certain parts of the human body.

Do foam rollers help? That depends on who you might ask. There are plenty of people who will claim they realized lots of health benefits from using a foam roller. Likewise, there are plenty of people who will state it offered little to no help with the issues they were trying to address.

As it relates to problems with your physical health and overall wellness, it makes sense to ask one important question: “Can I use a foam roller in place of a chiropractor?” In the section below, we will offer a reasonable answer to this question.

Can I Use a Foam Roller in Place of a Chiropractor?

If your health is otherwise good and your aches and pains are very minor, there is nothing wrong with trying a foam roller. If you choose to do so, you should proceed with caution and make sure you do your exercises properly.

With that said, most conditions that cause chronic pain and discomfort are not going to be resolved with an exercise device. You will always be better off visiting a chiropractor for medical advice and assistance.

You must remember that your skeletal system is fragile. If something gets out of whack, it can create a growing list of issues with joints and muscles. It can also cause associated issues like chronic headaches. If anything in your body seems out of sorts, a good chiropractor is your best bet for identifying the problem. They have plenty of diagnostic methods they can use to figure out where things aren’t right in your body structure.

After figuring the source of your pain and discomfort, a chiropractor would also be your best bet to resolve issues. They are educated and trained to know how to manipulate the human body to bring about positive changes. Who knows? There might be circumstances under which a reputable chiropractor might recommend you use a foam roller in conjunction with the treatment they are offering.

A Chiropractor serves another very important function. If they come up with a diagnosis they believe requires intervention from an orthopedic specialist, they will point you in that direction. It’s not a matter of seeing the orthopedic community as the competition. Everyone’s primary goal is to get your physical health back to where you want it to be.

If you are having health difficulties due to body aches and pains, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. You can ask about our chiropractic services and schedule an appointment by calling 205-637-1363. Under the right circumstances, you would be amazed at how well you might feel after getting a few realignments to your body.

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