Do You Have To See A Chiropractor Regularly For Effective Pain Management?

Chronic pain can be a difficult thing to live with, which will force you to seek for solutions to alleviate the pain. This is because regular painkillers such as Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like diclofenac and opioids like tramadol are not enough to get rid of the pain. These classes of painkillers only alleviate the pain temporarily. Once their effect wears out, the pain recurs with the same intensity and frequency. Due to the lack of medications that can permanently alleviate chronic pain, you will need to combine medications with chiropractic management.

Chronic pain is common in specific regions of your body, such as the joints, back, and neck. In most cases, chiropractic intervention of chronic pain is in patients who have a problem with the spine. The spine can change in structure through herniation and degeneration to compress nerves running through it, resulting in pain. Old age, heavyweights, and obesity are the most common risk factors for chronic pain in the back and neck. This is why chiropractors often advise you to live a healthy lifestyle to avoid conditions like obesity and also avoid straining your spine.

Chiropractic intervention.

A chiropractor is one of the best physicians to seek when you have chronic pain. This physician is specialized in spine adjustment and manipulation. By adjusting and manipulating the spine, a chiropractor ensures that the root cause of your chronic pain is fixed. As mentioned earlier, most problems of chronic pain are usually as a result of a problem in your spinal cord. Therefore, when the problem is managed, chronic pain will slowly subside. You will then start to notice signs of improvement after just a few sessions with your chiropractor. You can notice a general improvement in your chronic pain through an improvement in your posture or mobility of the affected area.

Chiropractic sessions.

You might be wondering whether you will need to have regular sessions with your chiropractor for pain management. The answer will depend on how severe the pain is. If you have mild to moderate pain, you will probably require fewer visits compared to a person who has severe pain. If your pain is severe, you will need at least three sessions a week with the chiropractor. If your pain is mild or moderate, less than three sessions will be adequate. For example, if you have minor aches in your joints and are seeking to improve mobility and strength of your limbs, one session a week with your chiropractor will be enough to remedy the problem.

However, you will need to see your chiropractor less regularly the more you progress with therapy. You could start with three times a week within the first three or four weeks but end up seeing your chiropractor once weekly within the last weeks of treatment. The period of your chiropractic treatment could be a few months to a year. The severity of your pain usually determines how long your chiropractic treatment will last. Two months may be enough for management of mild pain while management of severe pain could take longer than a year.

Although chiropractic intervention can help alleviate your chronic pain, it is more effective when used in combination with other forms of treatment. You will need to continue with your painkiller medications for pain management to be more effective. Your pain management also needs to encompass massage therapy and physical therapy. Combining all these treatments will likely reduce the numbers of sessions you will need to see your chiropractor.

It is also advisable that see a doctor as soon as you notice your pain has become persistent. This prevents the pain from progressing to a more severe state which directly translates to less regular visits to your chiropractor.

Have you been experiencing chronic pain for a while now? Does the pain interfere with your normal day-to-day activities? What have you tried before to manage the pain? Have you tried chiropractic management? If not, then a chiropractic intervention might be just what you need. Our clinic in Hoover, Alabama has one of the best chiropractors in the area. Our chiropractor has helped thousands of patients suffering from chronic pain to return to their normal lives. We understand that living with chronic pain can reduce the quality of life, which is why we help improve the quality of your life through chiropractic intervention. So, what are you waiting for? Dial 205-637-1363 on your phone today to schedule your appointment. The earlier you can start your treatment, the faster we can manage your chronic pain. You can also visit our clinic if you live within the Birmingham or Alabama area.

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