Can You Customize a Brace for Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is one of the most common spinal problems in the U.S. with some estimates stating between tow and three percent of the population is affected in some way. The treatment of scoliosis has been evolving over the last three decades with the use of new materials making these far more comfortable than earlier versions. When making your way to our Hoover, Alabama chiropractors office you may find the best course of treatment is to combine spinal manipulation with the process of bracing using a customized brace designed specifically for your child or adult to wear.

Changing the process of bracing has been the aim of researchers and therapists for a number of years with the customization of braces a major part of the new way this condition is treated. In the early days of research into scoliosis, the medical condition was researched as if it was a disease which could be linked to certain forms of cancer. A brace for scoliosis was first designed around the turn of the century and was designed to fit the majority of young people. Unfortunately, for those who were forced to wear these braces, the options open to them were limited. Our chiropractor in Hoover, Alabama believes the latest customized braces no longer offer many of the same issues seen by scoliosis brace wearers in the early 20th-century.

New braces are always coming available

It was in the 1970s that many of the new forms of brace began to arrive on the medical market providing new and impressive ways of using new materials to limit the onset of curvature. Our chiropractor will work with you to make sure your brace is created to custom-fit your body and ensure the best results are obtained from your treatment plan, which should include some form of spinal manipulation. The ability of your body to respond to spinal manipulation is higher than you would imagine as even those with a herniated or bulging disc can see their spine return to its proper position throughout treatment.

Among the options, you can investigate for your brace are the Wilmington and Boston braces which introduced plastic materials to the scoliosis brace market. Both these braces have a long record of success and are customized to fit your needs with the use of padding and cutouts.

Over the course of the last three decades, the evolution of scoliosis treatments has moved along at a fast pace with the majority of newly diagnosed patients looking outside the offerings of traditional medical physicians. Our Hoover, Alabama-based chiropractor has become an important part of the lives and treatment of patients with scoliosis across the Birmingham region. We look to use the latest research and technologies to customize manipulation and braces to meet your needs and lower your levels of pain.

One of the most impressive new techniques to assist in treating scoliosis is to use the Schroth exercise technique which was developed in Germany. Coupling the use of the custom plastic brace known as the Rigo-Cheneau with exercises which allow you to take care of your scoliosis treatment in the comfort of your home. The Charleston bending brace can also be used and is designed to be worn overnight when you are sleeping to add to the use of a more traditional bracing vest.

There are constant advances being made in the technologies being used to create new vest braces to allow you to feel more comfortable as you correct the curvature of your back. For both idiopathic scoliosis and secondary scoliosis, which is commonly caused by traumatic events such as car accidents, the back brace can be treated with new front closing braces. The use of softer materials allows the wearer to feel more comfortable with the cotton material allowing more air to flow through this Spanish design. More research needs to be completed into the effectiveness of these softer braces but the customization of most braces adds to their ability to positively affect your life.

Custom braces are a part of your treatment plan which can be discussed with our chiropractor to make sure you get the best options to suit your needs. When you are ready to make a positive impact on your scoliosis diagnosis call our chiropractor at 205-637-1363 to start the process of obtaining your custom brace.

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