What Are the Typical Treatments for Back Pain?

Back pain is a source of constant physical and mental distress for some unfortunate people. Finding the cause of the back pain can be an even more frustrating feeling, as doctors often misdiagnose or simply don’t feel like they can do anything for chronic back pain. The treatment for this type of pain will depend on the reason for it. People in car accidents frequently have back pain shortly after the accident or even a few months later, as some types of pain are delayed.

Primary care physicians, neurologists, and chiropractors are the three professionals most likely to diagnose and treat people with back pain. Some types of pain will be short-term and even disappear altogether, while other types of pain will result in a chronic condition that needs constant treatment by doctors and physical therapists.

Common Treatments

There are many professionals in the healthcare industry that can help people who have back pain. Over-the-counter and home remedies can sometimes even be helpful, although a professional should verify that the treatments are healthy and safe to use. The treatment for the back pain will depend on what type of professional is treating it. There are many hopeful avenues of treatment to choose from:

  • Physical therapy can help people increase mobility and find relief
  • Chiropractors treat back pain by realigning and adjusting the spine
  • Medical doctors frequently use medications that help reduce inflammation in the body or treat damaged nerves
  • Almost all professionals recommend light exercise and a healthy diet to treat non-life threatening back pain
  • Herbal remedies are helpful to some sufferers, although many of them may not be FDA-approved

Diet and Exercise

When someone is in pain, the last thing they feel like doing is exercise. Unfortunately, for mild to moderate back pain that isn’t the result of an underlying illness, exercise can be the one thing that will gradually help to reduce the pain. Light stretches, low-impact exercise, and a steady diet are all things that people have found improve back pain over time. Getting yourself to exercise can be a real challenge since the pain is sometimes so great. As you exercise more, though, the pain begins to lessen, and it’s the exercise that is sometimes reducing the pain.

Speaking with a chiropractor or doctor about specific treatments for back pain is essential. Some people don’t suffer from a loss of function, while other people might become completely sedentary due to back pain. The more the pain interferes in your life, the more important it is to contact a doctor or chiropractor to see what might be causing the back pain. If they’ve ruled out underlying diseases, then it’s possible that diet and exercise can at least help to reduce the chronic pain and make you better able to cope with it.

Coping with Back Pain

Back pain can eventually become debilitating and demoralizing to sufferers, so it’s very important to get treatment early on when the pain surfaces. Waiting and trying to cope with it yourself can cause greater depression, and depression itself can cause people to notice or even experience pain on a deeper level. There are some people who have difficulty early on in their experience with back pain, and these people may benefit from talking to a counselor about their pain. Physical pain is closely linked to depression, and it’s easy to see why. When someone is in pain, they’re able to do less, and the less you do the more those uplifting endorphins that naturally fight off the pain in your body. Exercising more and speaking with a counselor can really help you cope with back pain better.

For some people, they never really learn the reason for their back pain. This can be frustrating. It doesn’t mean you should stop seeking treatment. Millions of people find their own natural remedies or receive pain relief from regularly visiting a chiropractor. Even if you don’t know the cause of your pain yet, it’s important to accept its reality and begin looking for ways to cope with it better. Finding out what’s causing it will be a great relief, but until that day comes, don’t ignore the pain.

If you’re experiencing back pain and want to find relief, that’s definitely understandable. We encourage you to call on us today to find better ways to cope with your back pain. You can call us now at 205-637-1363.

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